Best Videos on Growing Winter Vegetables in Mild Climates

In this Seasonal Guide we’re highlighting places in North America where people are actively gardening in fall and winter, places that are so often neglected in the gardening media.


Vegetables you Can Plant in the Winter to Garden Year-Round (if you’re in a mild climate) by John Kohler of Growing Your Greens.

Things to do in your Organic Garden in Fall” by Peaceful Valley Organic Gardening in Northern California. Covers ornamental plants, too.

Growing a Fall Herb Garden – Chives, Cilantro, Parsley – in a Wall Planter” by CaliKim in the Los Angeles area. Fun idea for growing winter herbs in Southern climes.

Speaking of CaliKim, we recommend browsing hers “Winter Gardening Series,” where you’ll find her videos about lettuce and cool weather crops, growing basil indoors, starting seeds, and more.

Pacific Northwest

Planting Potatoes in the Winter for a Spring Vegetable Garden” covers overwintering potatoes with mulch to have an early spring harvest. It’s by Learn to Grow in Washington State.

Finally, a Better Poly Low Tunnel!” is great for extending the season. It’s by Urban  Farmer Curtis Stone in British Columbia.


You can Grow and Eat Tomatoes All Winter,” says Jeff the Executive Gardener in Houston, Texas.


Plant Selection and Lay-out for the Florida Vegetable Gardener” has great tips from the University of Florida Extension in Pinellas County.

And One Northerner

How to Bring Peppers Indoors to Overwinter” is appropriate for gardeners anywhere whose peppers are still growing in late fall. It’s by the Michigan gardener at MI Gardener: Simple Organic Gardening & Sustainable Living.