Great shrubs and trees for the garden, plus how to plant and care for them.

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How to Prune Crepe Myrtles

AUSTIN, TX  (Note: The video advises pruning crape myrtles in mid-February. For gardeners anywhere, the advice is to do it in early spring before they break dormancy.) By KLRU’s Central Texas Gardener. Make the right cuts on your crape myrtle trees for elegant structure, abundant summer flowers, and good health. Trisha Shirey shows how. Browse …Read more »

Pruning Shrubs

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Create a beautiful landscape filled with attractive healthy shrubs with a bit of proper pruning.  Nationally known gardening expert, author & TV/radio host Melinda Myers shows you how.  For Pasquesi Home and Gardens.

How To Plant A Tree The Right Way – 7 Steps To Getting It Right Every Time

ATLANTA, GA From Joe Lamp’l, host of PBS’s Growing a Greener World: “Knowing how to plant a tree the right way, can make all the difference in the chances of its survival. Know these 7 steps to getting it right every time. Trees are an investment in time, energy and resources. Make sure your investment …Read more »

How to Train Climbing Roses

NEW YORK From the New York Botanic Garden in New York City. Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden Curator Peter Kukielski talks about how the climbing roses are trained during the winter at The New York Botanical Garden.

Deciduous Azaleas

NEW HAVEN, CONN By GardenClips. Hybrid deciduous Azaleas often have a fragrance to match their beautiful, warm colored flowers. The needs of deciduous azaleas are covered here.  With host Eric Larson of the Marsh Botanical Garden at Yale University.

How to Plant a Tree or Shrub

MASSACHUSETTS This video by horticulturist Dave Epstein from Growing Wisdom shows you in detail how to plant a tree or a shrub. *See our “Update on Adding Amendments to Soil” when planting.

Fall Needle Drop

U. WYOMING EXTENSION Have you noticed that conifer trees in your yard are losing some needles this fall? This could be a process called fall needle drop, find out more with From the Ground Up. From the Ground Up is your source for Wyoming relevant gardening and horticulture tips, brought to you weekly by the …Read more »

Fall-Blooming Shrubs

NEBRASKA By University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension’s Backyard Farmer Nebraska Extension Landscape Horticulture Specialist Kim Todd shows us some colorful selections of fall blooming woody shrubs.

How to Plant a Bare-Root Rose

SUNSET MAGAZINE Sunset’s associate garden editor Johanna Silver shows you how to prepare and plant a bare-root rose. Subscribe to Sunset’s channel:… Follow @SunsetMag on Twitter: Find Sunset on Facebook:

Misplaced Plants are “Crimes Against Horticulture”

From Shirley Bovshow’s Garden World Report (based in Los Angeles, CA) Landscaping mistakes include misplaced plants. “Crimes Against Horticulture” features landscape architect, Billy Goodnick, a self-professed “plant sleuth” who uncovers the inappropriate use and maintenance of plants.  This segment: ridiculously placed Opuntia,(cactus), Junipers that are sheared beyond recognition!

How to Plant a Large Shade Tree

TV’s THIS OLD HOUSE Landscape contractor Roger Cook helps a homeowner select and plant a deciduous shade tree. Learn more and subscribe: This Old House YouTube channel. Watch the full episode:… *See our “Update on Adding Amendments to Soil” at planting.

How to Transplant a Tree

UTAH STATE Demonstration by Ron Patterson, USU Extension, Carbon Country. Empirical data from research in the last century indicates that for most tree species that grow in Utah, roots stop growing when soil temperatures drop below 40 F and start up when soil temperatures rise above 40 F. Learn more at the Utah State website and …Read more »