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How to Save Cauliflower, Broccoli & Brassica Seeds

QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA, by Rob Bob’s Aquaponics and Backyard Farm We were very pleased with the “60 Days” cauliflower this year so let 5 plants go to flower so we could save some seed.. The same process can be used for saving Broccoli & other Brassica seeds as well.. It is important to just have one variety …Read more »

Growing Seedlings

CALIFORNIA by Trish at GrowOrganic Peaceful Valley Learn how to grow healthy, robust transplants from seed. Buy Seed Starting Products:…

Acclimating Indoor Seedlings to Outdoors (Hardening Off) in 6 Easy Steps

CALIFORNIA, by Calikim Home and Garden DIY Published on Mar 17, 2019 Acclimate your indoor vegetable seedlings to the outdoors in 6 easy steps. This process is called hardening off, is easy to do, but should be done gradually over a week so as not to damage your plants. Follow the steps in this video …Read more »

How to Grow Trees from Seed

OKLAHOMA, from Oklahoma State’s OK Gardening Classics Published 11/21/87.  Host Jim Gallot talks about how to start pecan and apple seedlings.

How to Grow Marigolds from Seed

BY LEARNHOW2 IN THE U.K. Easy-to-follow step-by-step guide to growing beautiful marigolds from seeds.

How to Make Seed-Starter Pots Reusing Toilet Paper Tubes

WASHINGTON STATE by Misilla at Learn to Grow Published on Feb 5, 2014 Reusing TP tubes as seed starter pots! Reuse toilet paper tubes for seedlings. Organic vegetable gardening. Join us on Face Book!… Check out our Garden Favorites:

Top Tips for Starting Seeds Indoors

U.K, by GrowVeg Starting plants from seed is economical and helps your plants get a head-start and produce an earlier and longer harvest. This video presents a step-by-step guide to the top tips that will help you easily raise healthy plants from seed. We also demonstrate how our online Garden Planner can show you the …Read more »

Saving Seeds from Beans, Peppers, Onions…and More!

ENGLAND, by Ben Vanheems of GrowVeg Published August 2018 Saving your own seeds is the ultimate in self-sufficiency. Every gardener should give it a go! Over time, saving seeds from your best plants can result in vegetables that are perfectly suited to your garden’s growing conditions. This means stronger, healthier plants – and bigger harvests! In …Read more »

Seed-Starting and Germinating for Lavender and Rosemary (Start Early!)

FROM THE RUSTED GARDEN IN MARYLAND From Gary Pilarchik: Lavender and Rosemary can take 14-28 days to germinate. They are slow to germinate and grow indoors. Once germinated they can take 10-12 weeks to get to a decent transplant size. You can start lavender and rosemary indoors 3-4 months before they are ready to go …Read more »

How Long Do Garden Seeds Last?

NORTHERN UTAH, by Rick Stone of Our Stoney Acres Published on Jan 18, 2019 Please don’t throw away your seed packets after just one year!! Most seeds will remain viable for 3 to 5 years if stored correctly. Here’s the Link to the seed starting courses:… Here’s the article I referenced on storing seeds:… …Read more »

How to Build a Tomato & Vegetable Seed Grow-Light Box: Start Your Vegetables Indoors

MARYLAND by Gary Pilarchik at The Rusted Gardener You can easily start your tomato and vegetable seeds indoors. You can build a grow-light box cheaply. This project cost $27 for the first box and only $17 for the second box. It can be made with just a knife. Very simple but effective construction. It is …Read more »

How to Save and Use Seeds From Your Own Fruits and Vegetables

CALIFORNIA, by GrowOrganic Peaceful Valley Learn how to save your own seeds from your own organic vegetables Watch More Videos:… Read Blogs:…