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Winter Seed-Sowing Outdoors in Containers

ONTARIO, CANADA By Robert Pavlis of Garden Fundamentals Complete winter sowing demonstration includes making the container, sowing seeds, and care during the winter. This is the easiest way to sprout seeds with no lights or electricity. Produce tough seedlings that thrive in the garden. A wide range of containers can be used, including juice bottles, …Read more »

Germination Tip: Cold Stratification of Seeds

FROM VALLEY ROOTS IN NEW ZEALAND Published on Mar 26, 2016: Learn how to start off your hard to germinate seeds with these cold stratification techniques. Seeds used in this episode are Phormium Tenax, New Zealand Flax (Harakeke)… __Watch some of my popular videos .3D Printed Soil Block Maker… .DIY Grow-Light Box… …Read more »

Making your own Seed-Starting Mix – the Basics

MARYLAND By Gary Pilarchik at The Rusted Garden If you are new to gardening and are thinking about starting seeds indoors this is part 1 of a 5 part video series. I explain what Perlite, Peat moss, Vermiculite and Seed Starting Mix are and how they are used for starting seeds. You need to use …Read more »

Improved Paper Towel and Baggy Method for Germinating Seeds

BY ROBERT PAVLIS FROM GARDEN FUNDAMENTALS Learn about an improved method for seed germination. I demonstrate the traditional paper towel method as well as my improved baggy method. Speed up the germination process for any kind of seed. I have used this method on hundreds of different kinds of seed including perennials, alpines, bulbs, trees …Read more »

How to Grow a Lemon Tree from Seed

BY DIY HOME AND GARDEN Learn how to grow almost all types of citrus trees from grocery bought fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, limes, and clementine. To see the 2 week update with results click the link here:

Webinar: Seed Saving for Beginners

IOWA, by Grant Olson at Seed Savers Exchange Heritage Farm

Hardening Off Seedlings (A Seed-Starting Basic)

FROM SOMEWHERE IN EUROPE By How to Grow a Garden with Scarlett Damen Avoid transplant shock by hardening off your young spring plants. Lets talk about the different methods, what doesn’t need to be hardened off and what plant sun burn and frost damage really looks like. New episodes weekly! Join me on Instagram: ABOUT …Read more »

Seed-Starting Pre-Treatment

FINE GARDENING MAGAZINE for a N. American audience Published on Jan 18, 2019 Cultivated seeds, removed from nature, are removed from the natural processes they would be undergoing in the passage of the seasons and may require artificial stimuli to overcome dormancy such as scarification of hard-coated seeds or stratification.

How to Find & Use Inexpensive LED Grow Light Tubes: Replace Fluorescent Bulbs & Reuse Fixtures

MARYLAND by Gary Pilarchik at The Rusted Garden Published on Jan 21, 2018 The price of LED bulbs have dropped significantly. I show you how to find LED replacements for your 4 foot fluorescent tubes. I go over where to find them, costs, how to use them and the ratings that make effective grow lights. …Read more »

How to Save True-To-Type Heirloom Tomato Seeds

CHICAGO AREA, by Patrick Dolan at One Yard Revolution Today I’ll show you how to save true-to-type heirloom tomato seeds from this year’s crop to grow in your garden next year. You can support OYR simply by clicking this link (bookmark it too) before shopping on Amazon: Sources: 1) “Seed to Seed” by Suzanne Ashworth: …Read more »

Hardening Off Tomatoes in Cold Frames

ONE YARD REVOLUTION IN CHICAGO, IL Another terrific video by Patrick Dolan: I’m not taking any chances with my tomatoes this year. Though I usually have them in the ground by now, this year’s unpredictable and cold weather has made me cautious. The last thing I want is to lose them to an unexpected frost. …Read more »

How to Plant Using Seed Tape

PENNSYLVANIA, by Burpee Gardens Seed tapes make sowing and spacing of seeds a snap.