How to prune trees and shrubs – it’s a show-me thing.

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How to Prune Shrub Roses

UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA Nebraska Extension Landscape Horticulture Specialist Kim Todd gives a few tips for pruning shrub roses. For lots more good videos visit the U.Nebraska’s Backyard Farmer YouTube channel.

Pruning Caryopteris

Eastern Oregon, by Garden Answer Published on Apr 4, 2019 🌿LINKS🌿 Beyond Midnight® Caryopteris – Felco2 Pruners – Fiskars D-Handle Shovel – Espoma Organic Bio-tone – 🌿MORE LINKS🌿 Support – Buy Garden Answer Merch – Video Gear we Use – 🌿FOLLOW ME HERE🌿 ▶️ Website: ▶️ Youtube: ▶️ Facebook: ▶️ Instagram: ▶️ Twitter: ▶️ Email: …Read more »

How to Prune ‘Flower Carpet’ Rose

MASSACHUSETTS, by Dave Epstein of Growing Wisdom The Flower Carpet Rose is easy to care for, but even this rose bush can use a little attention in the spring. Dave tells you how to help it have a healthy summer and fall. For MANY more good videos, visit the Growing Wisdom YouTube Channel.

How to Prune a Blueberry Bush

UNIVERSITY OF MAINE Tutorial on how to prune a blueberry bush. GGVideos Editor’s Note: Nice comprehensive look at pruning established blueberry bushes.  

How to Prune Evergreen Azaleas

SEATTLE, WA Learn how to prune evergreen Azaleas from renowned pruning guru Cass Turnbull, founder of PlantAmnesty. PlantAmnesty’s mission is to end the senseless torture and mutilation of trees and shrubs, due to mal-pruning.  Join the 1,100 members in 46 states – and counting – who support the mission and stay in touch. Cass has …Read more »

How to Prune Ornamental Trees

U. of MAINE University of Maine Cooperative Extension educator Marjorie Peronto demonstrates and discusses pruning techniques for your ornamental trees. Learn more at the U. Maine Extension website and Youtube channel.

Tools for Pruning

UTAH STATE U. Understand the tools you need for basic and advanced home, garden, and orchard pruning. Learn more at the Utah State website and Youtube channel.

How to Prune Forsythia

U. of MAINE: Extension Educator Marjorie Peronto shares pruning tips to keep your Forsythia healthy and beautiful. Learn more at the U. Maine Extension website and Youtube channel.

How to Sharpen a Hand Pruner

BELTSVILLE, MARYLAND Behnke Nurseries staffer John Shearin sprays WD-40 oil on the blades of my barely usable pruners, then rubs them with #1 steel wool. The oil works to remove plant sap that gets on the blades every time they’re used and over time, really build up. After wiping the blades with a cloth to remove …Read more »

How to Prune a Hedge Evenly

MASSACHUSETTS From horticulturist Dave Epstein of Growing Wisdom.  Visit his Youtube Channel for lots more excellent videos. In this video: If you’ve hesitated to prune your hedges because you don’t know how to prune them evenly, Dave has a good trick for you.

Pruning After a Storm

U. WYOMING EXTENSION Pruning your trees after a storm can be daunting, but its an important task to maintain tree health. From the Ground Up is your source for Wyoming relevant gardening and horticulture tips, brought to you weekly by the University of Wyoming Extension. University of Wyoming Extension Horticulture… University of Wyoming Extension …Read more »

Pruning Junipers after Winter Damage

U. WYOMING EXTENSION Published on Nov 30, 2015. After last year’s hard winter, we’ve been advising patience when it comes to letting junipers and other confers recover. As we’ve seen junipers starting to regrow over the summer, now is a good time to start pruning out the dead. From the Ground Up is your source for …Read more »