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Eliminate Cabbage Worm & Cabbage Butterfly Organically

NORTHERN CALIFORNIA, by Plant Abundance Here are some effective organic methods to eliminate the dreaded garden pest known as the cabbage worm / white cabbage butterfly or cabbage moth. Nylon Insect Net:… Floating Row Cover:… OMRI listed B.T. :… Organic Neem Oil: Photo Credit: Pieris rapae egg by Alpsdake (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (…)], …Read more »

Corn Earworms

SAN FRANCISCO BAY, CA by Bay Area Master Gardener Nancy Grove Learn an organic method for preventing corn earworm infestations in homegrown sweet corn.

Introducing the Colorado Potato Beetle

ELMORE, OHIO by Shared Legacy Farms We show you the adult, the nymph and the characteristic orange egg sacs of the Colorado Potato Beetle, and talk about how we handle this pest.

Flea Beetles in Fall Weather

AUSTIN, TX by KXAN, with John Dromgoole Tips on getting control of flea beetles in your garden.

Flea Beetle Control

VERMONT, by Kathy LaLiberte for Homeclick Flea beetles can wreak havoc on your garden. The flea beetle will munch on the leaves of vegetables like kale and broccoli, and the flea beetle larvae like to eat the roots of these same crops. Here’s a great flea beetle control method to try in your garden. To …Read more »

Wilting Leaves on Zucchini or Squash? Squash Vine Borer: How to Detect and Get Rid of It

SOMEWHERE IN THE SOUTH by Jill McSheehy of Journey with Jill in the Garden If you’ve ever found your zucchini or squash plant wilted and dead virtually overnight, it was probably due to the squash vine borer. In this video I show you how to know, what to look for, and how to get rid of …Read more »

Squash Vine Borer Control

TRAVIS COUNTY, TEXAS, by Central Texas Gardener Trisha tackles the squash vine borer to save this summer’s crops with traps and micromesh. Moth and damage contributor: Wizzie Brown, entomologist IPM, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension–Travis County.

Get Rid of Vine Borers for Good! Yankee Homestead

NORTHERN VIRGINIA, by Kathleen Henderson at Yankee Homestead Ready to get rid of vine borers for good? Prevention is the best cure! Replant now, and use this simple method to outsmart the vine borers. UPDATE: Gardening always involves some level of experimentation…Check out my update here:

How to Control Squash Bugs With Water

UTAH, by Utah State University Extension Learn how to control squash bugs with water from Ron Patterson, USU Extension, Carbon County.

Best Way to Prevent Squash Vine Borers and Squash Bugs

SOMEWHERE IN THE SOUTH by Jill McSheehy of Journey with Jill in the Garden If you’re tired of fighting squash bugs and the squash vine borer all summer, delaying your planting might just be the best way to get a great harvest without the bugs. Plant your seeds about 8-10 weeks before your first fall frost …Read more »

Squash Bug Control

OKLAHOMA, by Oklahoma State 6/27/15-Extension Entomology Specialist Eric Rebek discusses squash bug control.

Easy DIY Cucumber Beetle Trap

OKLAHOMA, by Dale Spoonemore of From Seed to Spoon This is a video about how we make our DIY cucumber beetle/squash bug traps. This works especially well for the cucumber beetles and can be made using a few simple household materials and the sticky glue linked to below. Here’s the blog post that gave me …Read more »