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Core Aeration and Overseeding of a Healthy Lawn

By NaturalLawn of America. GGVideos Editor Note: Demonstrates this best-practice for having a thick, relatively weed-free lawn, and recommends it be done in the fall for cool-season grasses. We had just have one question: The video recommends a large device for getting good seed-to-soil contact that only professionals would own, so what’s a homeowner to …Read more »

How to Plant Spring-Flowering Bulbs

From GARDENISTA Gardenista’s own Michelle Statalla’s beautiful fall bulb DIY is a wonderful way to surprise yourself in the spring. This easy tutorial will leave you totally inspired to create a remarkable bouquet of daffodils, white tulips and Siberian squill in your own backyard. For more tips on caring for your garden, visit us at

How to Dead-head Perennials

U. ILLINOIS EXTENSION: When your perennial blooms start to fade, deadheading can help clean up your garden. Learn more at the Illinois Extension website and on their extensive Youtube channel.

5 Tips for Planting a New Flower Bed

EASTERN OREGON by Laura with Garden Answer Ginger Wine™ Ninebark – ‘Stand by Me’ Bush Clematis – Orange Smoothie’ Daylily – Kangaroo Popup Bag – Loppers – Drip Tubing – Shovel – Espoma BioTone – Mulch…don’t stress about what kind. 😉 🌿MORE LINKS🌿 Video Gear we Use – Favorite Garden Tools – Favorite Containers – …Read more »

Barley Cover Crop

U. MARYLAND Dealing with a Barley cover crop and getting it ready for your garden. For more gardening information, visit the Home and Garden Information website or the Youtube channel. 

Starting Greens in August for Fall

VERMONT GGVideo Editor’s Note: Very short, nicely done video on growing greens in August (zone 5).  By Kathy LaLiberte for HomeClick. Want to grow your greens all summer? Here are some summer garden tips that will have your garden producing delicious greens well into the Fall. Re-purpose sections of your garden in the cooler months of August …Read more »

How to Prune a Plum Tree

AUSTRALIA, by the Deep Living Project Justin Calverley from Sensory Gardens shows his technique for winter pruning of plum trees. This technique keeps the trees at a manageable height, opens up the fruit tree for maximum sun exposure and good air flow to reduce diseases and lots and lots of fruit for the coming summer …Read more »

Easy Weeding: How to Get Rid of Weeds in Your Vegetable Garden

U.K. from GrowVeg  Weeding can take up the majority of your time in the garden. However, it is possible to reduce the time spent weeding AND increase the amount you harvest from your vegetable garden. This video demonstrates simple weeding techniques which can help you to rid your garden of weeds and stop them from …Read more »

Cover Crops To Recharge Your Soil This Winter!

U.K., by GrowVeg Cover crops, or green manures, are a great way to protect your garden from weeds and soil erosion over the winter period. As well as protecting your soil, cover crops can be dug into the earth before spring, improving the soil ecosystem and feeding your plants with essential nutrients. In this short …Read more »

How to Set up a Root Cellar

NORTH DAKOTA by the Tractor Supply Company It’s easy to store your home-grown vegetables long term with a Root Cellar. This old-fashioned practice will help keep your produce fresh and nutritious all winter long. Read our lawn and garden articles here::…

How to Grow Lettuce in the HEAT!

BRITISH COLUMBIA, by Urban Farmer Curtis Stone Published on Feb 19, 2019 About Urban Farmer Curtis Stone: Curtis Stone runs a commercial urban farm called Green City Acres out of Kelowna, BC, Canada. His mission is to show others how they can grow a lot of food on small plots of land and make a …Read more »

Fall Needle Drop

U. WYOMING EXTENSION Have you noticed that conifer trees in your yard are losing some needles this fall? This could be a process called fall needle drop, find out more with From the Ground Up. From the Ground Up is your source for Wyoming relevant gardening and horticulture tips, brought to you weekly by the …Read more »