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Common Tomato Diseases

NEBRASKA by University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension’s Backyard Farmer UNL Extension Plant Diagnostician Amy Timmerman shows us a few common tomato diseases and talks about strategies for management.

How to Train Climbing Roses

NEW YORK From the New York Botanic Garden in New York City. Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden Curator Peter Kukielski talks about how the climbing roses are trained during the winter at The New York Botanical Garden.

The Pansy

VIRGINIA From Lancaster Farms in Suffolk, Virginia. A celebration of Fall and Winter’s beautiful flower, the pansy. When the canopies of oaks strong And maples noble whisper along, In Pollacked piles collect dicarded Exhaling summer sun and youth unguarded. When gentle hands travail with rake Yet still the earth does not forsake Nature’s goal and …Read more »

Getting Started on your Lawn in Early Spring

BY  MILORGANITE FERTILIZER Lawn-care expert Paul Tukey shows how to access your lawn before getting starting with spring lawn care. Tips for winter lawn preparation to help prevent lawn diseases and mice and vole damage. Learn what thatch in in your lawn and how to remove it in the spring. Enjoy more good videos on …Read more »

Spring Lawn Care

MARYLAND Horticultural Specialist Mitch Baker (of American Plant Nursery in Bethesda, MD) shares gardening techniques designed to prepare your lawn for spring.

Spring Lawn Care

BOSTON AREA In this episode of Growing Wisdom, Boston-area meteorologist and horticulturist Dave Epstein discusses tips on lawn care. Enjoy lots more good videos on the Growing Wisdom Youtube Channel.

The Best Tomatoes To Grow In Pots-Planting Tomatoes In Containers

CINCINNATI, OHIO by Christa’s Garden Published on May 7, 2019 In this video I will be planting some tomatoes plants in pots. They are both dwarf varieties created by the volunteers of the dwarf tomato project. I am not affiliated with the dwarf tomato project. I am just really excited about growing these varieties. The …Read more »

How to Prune a Mature Peach Tree

NORTH CAROLINA, by NC State Extension Pruning is a very important step in maintaining peach trees. Dr. Mike Parker, Tree Fruit Extension Specialist with the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service at North Carolina State University talks about how to plant, prune, and maintain peach trees. In this video, we show how to prune a mature …Read more »

Wheel Hoes for Weeding

CALIFORNIA, by Trish at GrowOrganic Peaceful Valley Tricia introduces wheel hoes, an environmentally friendly alternative to herbicides, and fossil fuel driven tractors. Tricia demonstrates the features of Glaser and Valley Oak wheel hoes. Buy Wheel Hoes:… Watch more Videos:

Garden Trellis Ideas for Tomatoes and Other Crops

OREGON by Food Farmer Earth Here are some seasoned ideas for garden trellis designs that enable plants to climb as they grow, and that provide the necessary support for plants that are weighted down with maturing fruit. Weston Miller, Oregon State University’s Community and Urban Horticulturist, talks about different types of trellis systems for tomatoes, …Read more »

Keep out Birds and Butterflies with Portable Netted Hooped Crop & Plant-Protecting Cloche

U.K. by Allotment Diary How I make my own net cloches which protect your plants from birds,butterflies and other pests. These are really portable and easy to move when you need to weed or tend to your plants. Great for covering strawberries up to keep the birds off your crops too. Simply using some pressure …Read more »

Big Sweet Potato Harvest in Zone 5!

CHICAGO AREA, by Patrick Dolan of One Yard Revolution Please join me as I harvest sweet potatoes in zone 5! If you shop on AMAZON in the US, you can support OYR simply by clicking this link (bookmark it too) before shopping: Thank you for your support! I’m passionate about an approach to organic gardening …Read more »