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A Fabulous Lawn in 5 Easy Steps

CHICAGO, IL From Milorganite (which sells organic fertilizer made from treated sewage – very safe!) by Melinda Myers. From the GGVideos editors: A good overview, giving high- and low-maintenance options (low-maintenance requiring just one feeding per year, in the fall). Also suggests letting the lawn go dormant in the summer, and recommends against using any …Read more »

Fertilizing Lawns

CHICAGO, IL From Milorganite (which sells organic fertilizers made from treated sewage – very safe) by horticulturist Melinda Myers. Great explanation of choices the homeowner has – including a lower-maintenance lawn than a golf course. For low-maintenance, she recommends just one feeding per year, in the fall. The video does sell Milorganite products, but the information …Read more »

Organic Lawn Care

CHICAGO, IL From Pasquesi Home and Gardens, by Melinda Myers. Good year-round overview of a resource-conserving approach to having a good lawn. We know it’s resource-conserving because she suggests letting your lawn go dormant.

Be Water-Smart: Lawn-Watering Tips

LONDON, ONTARIO From the City of London: How to conserve water and save money by watering your lawn the right way. From the city

10 Low-Maintenance Crops

CHICAGO, IL From One Yard Revolution: Imagine how much work gardening would be if all crops were as high maintenance as tomatoes! Fortunately, not all crops are. Growing a number of low maintenance crops allows us to grow more, work less, and spend less! 10 Low Maintenance Crops: 0:46 Blackberries 1:46 Strawberries 2:37 Oregano 3:11 …Read more »

New Buffalograsses (a Great Plains Native)

U. NEBRASKA-LINCOLN EXTENSION UNL Turfgrass Geneticist Keenan Amundsen talks about new and improved varieties of buffalo grass. Visit UNL’s Backyard Farmer website and Youtube Channel for more info.

How to Grow Baptisia australis – Blue False Indigo

NEW HAVEN, CT From Eric Larson, director of Yale’s Marsh Botanical Garden, for Garden Clips.  Enjoy many more videos at Garden Clips on Youtube. I first came across Baptisia australis – Blue False Indigo when I was taking care of the garden at Liberty Hall, a historic home in Frankfort, the capital of Kentucky. This stately …Read more »

Espoma Reinvents Lawn Care

Espoma’s take-off on Apple’s famous video announcing the Mac – with Scotts Miracle-Gro the unnamed corporate giant – was an instant hit among independent garden centers and other gardening insiders after its showing at a trade show in 2012. As lawn-care activist Paul Tukey wrote, “In just 80 seconds it manages to be bold, provocative, and …Read more »

Beebalm and other Plants that Spread

MASSACHUSETTS Advice about Beebalm and other plants that spread in the garden from horticulturist and meteorologist Dave Epstein of Visit his Youtube Channel for lots more excellent videos.

Deciduous Azaleas

NEW HAVEN, CONN By GardenClips. Hybrid deciduous Azaleas often have a fragrance to match their beautiful, warm colored flowers. The needs of deciduous azaleas are covered here.  With host Eric Larson of the Marsh Botanical Garden at Yale University.

How to Identify Insect Pests in your Veg Garden

U. MARYLAND Mike Raupp, “The Bug Guy” for the University of Maryland Extension, explains how, like a crime scene investigator, you can use clues to find out what types of insects are causing damage in your garden. Look for telltale signs like chewed leaves, discoloration, distortion, dieback, and insect products. This video is brought to …Read more »

Using a Row Cover to Protect your Garden

U. MARYLAND Master Gardener Kent Phillips demonstrates how to use a row cover to protect your garden. We also have a great publication with more in-depth information about floating row covers here:…