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5 Weeds in Every Garden That are Actually Edible & Delicious!

MICHIGAN, by Luke Marion at MIgardener In every garden there are weeds. A wed is seen as an unwanted plant, however maybe they should just be moved since they SHOULD be wanted! They are heat tolerant, drought tolerant, free, perennial, and super nutrient dense. You don’t even have to forage for these! Check out our …Read more »

How to Make a No-Till Garden

GEORGIA, by Joe Lamp’l for Milorganite Fertilizer No-Till gardening is the soil-loving, weed-hater’s alternative to tilling. Learn why no-till gardening is the best thing we can do to prepare and maintain an area for planting (and fewer weeds), and the consequences of tilling. No-till gardening is where it’s at. If you love your soil, ditch the tiller! …Read more »

Using Hay and Grass as Mulch to Grow Food

ENGLAND by Huw Richards at Huws Nursery For my returning video I really wanted to talk more about our use of grass and hay as mulch, and answer a couple of common questions to do with grass seeds. In this video I cover the benefits of using grass as a mulch, and how to maximize …Read more »

How We Keep Creeping Charlie Under Control Organically In Our Garden

MICHIGAN, by Luke Marion at MIgardener Creeping charlie is an invasive ivy in the mint family. It is a ground cover and a very invasive one at that. In this episode I will show you how I keep it under control and how I make sure it doesn’t spread into my garden.

The Honest Truth about How to Have a ‘Weed Free’ Garden

MICHIGAN, by Luke Marion at MIgardener There is good news and bad news to having a weed free garden. The good news is you can have one and anyone can do it, the bad news is it doesn’t just happen. It takes a little bit of work and persistence. .99 Heirloom Vegetable Seeds: ——————————————————————————————- …Read more »

Cardboard Sheet Mulch Experiment to keep Weeds Down in the Alberta Urban Garden

ALBERTA, CANADA, by Stephen Legaree  of Alberta Urban Garden Do you have just a TON of weeds in your garden? No worries!! We are going to try cardboard sheet mulching in the pepper bed and see if that can save our aching backs from weeding! Feel free to join the conversation at or check out our …Read more »

Stop Weeding Your Garden!

CHICAGO AREA, by Patrick Nolan at One Yard Revolution For all practical purposes, we don’t weed our garden. Sure, every now and then we find a weed and pull it, but it happens infrequently enough and requires so little time and effort that it bears little resemblance to what we usually think of as weeding. …Read more »

Easy Weeding: How to Get Rid of Weeds in Your Vegetable Garden

U.K. from GrowVeg  Weeding can take up the majority of your time in the garden. However, it is possible to reduce the time spent weeding AND increase the amount you harvest from your vegetable garden. This video demonstrates simple weeding techniques which can help you to rid your garden of weeds and stop them from …Read more »

How to Identify Spotted Wing Drosophila Damage

MAINE University of Maine Cooperative Extension shows how to identify the damage caused by Spotted Wing Drosophila.

How to Control Japanese Beetles

VERMONT, by horticulturist Charlie Nardozzi Learn about Japanese beetles, the plants they attack and how to control them. Control tips include using milky spore and beneficial nematodes, traps, hand picking and organic dusts.

Coffee Grounds to Lower Soil pH for Blueberries, Fact or Fiction?

QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA, by Rob Bob’s Aquaponics and Backyard Farm Have seen on the web & been told by a few folks that you can dramatically lower the pH of your soil with used coffee grounds for acid loving plants like blueberries.. While blueberries do best in soil between 4 & 6 on the pH scale, …Read more »

Do Pine Needles Make Soil More Acidic? Truth or Gardening Myth?

CHICAGO AREA, by Patrick Dolan of One Yard Revolution Pine needles make a great mulch, but do they make soil acidic, or is this a gardening myth? I ask Stephen Legaree to share his thoughts on the topic. Also, please see the links to sources on this topic below: Links provided by MrChipGardener: Forest Industry …Read more »