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How to Grow Garlic – Plus Tips for Growing it in a Warm Climate

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA By CaliKim Garden and Home DIY Garlic is one of the easiest crops to grow – just plant it and forget it! In this video I share how to plant it plus tips for growing it in a warm climate. Support my YouTube channel when you shop on AMAZON – click (and bookmark) this …Read more »

Plant Selection & Layout / Your Florida Vegetable Garden

PINELLAS COUNTY, FLORIDA by the University of Florida Extension Plant Selection and Layout: In this video you will learn about garden design and layout and the difference between cool season and warm season plants. Crop rotation and companion planting are also discussed.

You can Grow and Eat Tomatoes all Winter

HOUSTON, TX by Jeff Bernhard, the Executive Gardener In this quick episode I show you what I do to grow cherry tomatoes all winter in Houston, Texas. You can use my method if you live in zone 8 or higher, but this will likely not work in lower zones. My family and I enjoy fresh, …Read more »

How to Bring Peppers Indoors to Overwinter

MICHIGAN By Luke Marion, MI Gardener: Simple Organic Gardening and Sustainable Living Grab your pepper plants and bring them indoors. Here is how! This will be a complete walk through so you can go out and get it done now before jack frost does your plants in. let me know how your plants do!

October Gardening Checklist – Things To Do In Your Organic Garden During Fall

NORTHERN CALIFORNIA, by Trish Boudier of Peaceful Valley Organic Gardening October gets people excited for squash, corn, and other fall crops. However there are plenty of other things to do besides harvesting and decorating for the holidays. Check out our list of things to do in your organic garden during October. Organic gardening, homesteading, farming, lifestyle …Read more »

Planting Potatoes in the Winter for Spring Vegetable Garden

PACIFIC NORTHWEST by Misilla at Learn to Grow Buy organic heirloom potatoes here:… How to grow Potatoes. How to plant Potatoes. Organic gardening… Planting potatoes during wintertime for our spring garden! Join us on Face Book!…

Vegetables You Can Plant in the Winter to Garden Year-Round

CALIFORNIA, by John Kohler of Growing Your Greens John from shares with you some vegetables he is planting in the winter in his mild-climate. In this episode you will discover some common and more uncommon leafy green vegetables that you can grow in the winter time if your area gets light frosts. John will share …Read more »

Growing Your Fall Herb Garden – Chives, Cilantro, Parsley – in a Wall Planter Container

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, by CalKim Grow your fall garden: growing herbs like chives, cilantro and parsley, that like the cool weather, is easy in a wall planter Container. I’m using the WallFlowers Saddle Planter by Smart Pots – a space-saving wall planter you can put on your balcony or deck rail to grow herbs (or other …Read more »

Finally, a Better Poly Low Tunnel!

BRITISH COLUMBIA By Urban Farmer Curtis Stone Finally, A Better Poly Low Tunnel! Subscribe: | Follow my IG: @greencityacres Watch more from Curtis Stone : UPCOMING ON-FARM WORKSHOPS: Oct 16-20, 2017 – Selmer, TN tickets: Jan 11, 2018 – New Plymouth, NZ – Jan 13-14, 2018 – New Plymouth, NZ …Read more »

6 Tips for Selecting a Healthy Tree

CHICAGO, IL From the Morton Arboretum Learn to select a healthy tree next time you go shopping with these six tips! Need help finding a tree for your yard? Learn more here:  

Japanese Anemone Plant Profile

SILVER SPRING, MD By Kathy Jentz, editor of Washington Gardener Magazine Commonly known as Japanese Anemones — they actually come from China — the fall blooming anemones found in our gardens are usually hybrids of these three Asian species: A. hupehensis, A. tomentosa, and A. vitifolia. Anemones are often known as windflowers, because the genus …Read more »

How to Plant Pansies and Violas

COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY EXTENSION James Klett, Extension Specialist, discusses planting pansies and violas. For more helpful videos, visit the Colorado State Extension Youtube channel.