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Weed control, grasscycling, mosquito protection, tool care, spring clean-up, how to buy plants, and more.

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Creating an Eco-Friendly Landscape, Part 1

CENTRAL FLORIDA From an episode of the PBS show “Growing a Greener World” with Joe Lamp’l.

Creating an Eco-Friendly Landscape, Part 2

CENTRAL FLORIDA From an episode of the PBS show Growing a Greener World, with Joe Lamp’l.

Mow, Don’t Rake Fallen Leaves

KANSAS STATE: You can reduce the time you spend out in your yard picking up fallen leaves. Research shows that simply mowing your lawn on a regular basis can help incorporate the leaves into your lawn. This segment also shows an extra step you’ll need to help break down those leaves. Produced by the Department …Read more »

How to Remove a Stump

OKLAHOMA STATE Oklahoma Gardening host Kim Toscano talks about options for dealing with tree stumps in the landscape. Visit Oklahoma State’s website and Youtube channel for more info.

Buying a Perfect Plant

U. GEORGIA Walter Reeves and Stuart Cofer of Cofer’s Home and Garden Showplace in Athens, GA discuss what to look for and what to avoid when buying potted plants. Learn more at the Extension website and Youtube channel.

Spring Weeding

William Moss gives gardening tips for the National Gardening Association.

How to Maintain a Water Garden

OKLAHOMA STATE Mike Miller from Pond Pro Shop in Shawnee joins Kim Toscano, host of Oklahoma Gardening, to discuss basic water garden maintenance. Visit Oklahoma State’s website and Youtube channel for more info.

Protect Yourself from Mosquitoes

U. MARYLAND Mike Raupp, “The Bug Guy” for the University of Maryland Extension, shows how to take a bite out of mosquitoes! By using the right clothing, cleaning out standing water and other techniques, you too can keep your mosquito population down and your house pest free. For more information on the variety of mosquitoes …Read more »

Prevent Powdery Mildew

U. ILLINOIS EXTENSION Powdery mildew is a fungal disease that affects many landscape plants. Learn what to do in the fall to prevent it from returning in next year’s garden.

How to Safely Remove Poison Ivy

FINE GARDENING MAGAZINE – for readers everywhere Get rid of this irritating plant in no time at all.  From Fine Gardening.

Preparing Tools for Winter Storage

U. ILLINOIS Extension horticulturist Richard Hentschel covers the basics of cleaning and preparing tools for winter storage. Learn more at the Illinois Extension website and on their extensive Youtube channel.

How to Pull Weeds, and Prevent Them

FINE GARDENING MAGAZINE (for viewers anywhere) A universal garden-problem, weeds are a force to be reckoned with. Do so as an intelligent gardener would. For more info, explore the Fine Gardening website.