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Buying a Perfect Plant

U. GEORGIA Walter Reeves and Stuart Cofer of Cofer’s Home and Garden Showplace in Athens, GA discuss what to look for and what to avoid when buying potted plants. Learn more at the Extension website and Youtube channel.

Best Wood Chips for your Vegetable Garden

CHICAGO AREA, by Patrick Dolan of One Yard Revolution What’s the best wood chip mulch to use in your vegetable garden? I answer this question in today’s video. If you shop on Amazon, you can support OYR simply by clicking this link (bookmark it too) before shopping: 7 reasons why arborist wood chips are the …Read more »

How to Transplant Bare-Root Native Plants

AUSTIN, TX From the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. Wendy Redding, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center horticulturist shares her tips for having success when planting bare-root natives in six easy steps. Find these 6 steps highlighted in the Spring 2011 Wildflower Magazine.

How to Use Leaves as Garden Mulch

GEORGIA, by Joe Lamp’l (Joe Gardener TV) or a national audience Leaves are the best amendment for any garden, landscape bed or compost pile. Watch as Joe Lamp’l demonstrates easy how-to steps for gathering, processing and putting fall leaves to use in your garden.

Stakes and Plant Supports

OREGON Published on Apr 13, 2017 by Garden Time TV Tired of floppy summer blooms? Now is the time to start thinking about plant supports to keep them standing tall!

How to Remove a Stump

OKLAHOMA STATE Oklahoma Gardening host Kim Toscano talks about options for dealing with tree stumps in the landscape. Visit Oklahoma State’s website and Youtube channel for more info.

Removing Weeds in Early Spring

BOSTON AREA by horticulturist Dave Epstein of Growing Wisdom Growing Wisdom garden videos will help you with all your gardening needs. Come back every week for our latest tips on what to do in your yard.

How to Fold a Newspaper Container for Plants

MARYLAND By the University of Maryland Extension’s Home and Garden Information Center. Thanks to Allegheny and Garrett Counties. Step by step directions can be found at

Insect Netting Basics

ARIZONA by Urban Farmer Curtis Stone Published on Jan 7, 2019 Steadfast Farm workshop:… $400 off couples discounts – couplesaz Join my membership site: Online courses: On-farm workshops: Sign Up For My Newsletter: Buy my book here: Use this discount code for $15 off: newsub DONATE TO THE SHOW!! $5 – $10 – $20 – …Read more »

Preventing Tick Bites and Lyme Disease

JOHNS HOPKINS U. IN BALTIMORE Visit the links below to read additional information on preventing Lyme Disease, as well as what you should do after you get a tick bite.…… Each year, roughly 300,000 cases of Lyme Disease are reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; it is estimated that this …Read more »

Mow, Don’t Rake Fallen Leaves

KANSAS STATE: You can reduce the time you spend out in your yard picking up fallen leaves. Research shows that simply mowing your lawn on a regular basis can help incorporate the leaves into your lawn. This segment also shows an extra step you’ll need to help break down those leaves. Produced by the Department …Read more »

Lots of Trench Edging to Do Before I Mulch

NORTH CAROLINA by Jim Putnam of HortTube Lots Of Trench Edging To Do Before I Mulch – In this video I talk about why I like to trench edge around my grass and hard surfaces rather than use plastic or concrete edging. It is a fast and easy way to create a sharp differentiation between …Read more »