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The Importance of Soil

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS From the Chicago Botanic Garden.: Healthy soil is a foundation for our food system, it purifies the water that we drink, and it’s critical in its role in the regulation of greenhouse gasses, because it’s our major store of carbon. Scientist Louise Egerton-Warburton describes the composition of soil, and describes how to put healthy, …Read more »

7 Ways to Use Leaves in Your Garden

GROWVEG in the U.K. Would you like to save time, effort and money spent on your garden while also improving your harvest? Clearing up fallen leaves is hard work, but those leaves can protect and feed your plants, as well as reducing the amount of watering, weeding and digging you need to do next year. In …Read more »

Build Amazing Fertile Garden Soil Using Free and Local Resources in your Mulch or Compost

ALBERTA, CANADA By Stephen Legaree of Alberta Urban Garden Simple Organic and Sustainable How to build soil fertility for the perfect garden soil for free! It is fall here in Alberta and that means the summer crops are done and some of the garden beds are done for the year. Just because there is nothing goring …Read more »

Simple Ways to Improve your Garden Soil Using Fallen Leaves

CINCINNATI, OHIO From Crista’s Garden: In this video, I will show you how I use fall leaves in my garden. They are a free resource with so many benefits for your garden! I forgot to mention in this video not to use leaves from the Black Walnut tree as they contain Juglone, a organic compound …Read more »

How I Interplant Nitrogen Fixing Cover Crops & Food Crops for the Fall

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS AREA, by Patrick Dolan of One Yard Revolution Published on Aug 3, 2017 As I harvest crops planted this spring, I interplant nitrogen fixing cover crops and food crops for the fall, ensuring a continuous harvest and an ample supply of nitrogen. Premium Soil Builder Mix:… If you shop on Amazon, you can …Read more »

Sheet Composting

VERMONTER KATHY LALIBERTE FOR HOMECLICK Sheet Composting… A great garden starts with great soil! Learn how to add valuable nutrients to your soil by sheet composting! For a step by step breakdown of this project, go to:…

Cover Crops as Green Manure Improve your Soil EZ and Cheap

ALBERTA, CANADA, by Stephen Legaree of Alberta Urban Garden Simple Organic and Sustainable Published on Aug 17, 2014 On today’s episode we are going to talk about Green manure or cover crops. Even though it is nice and warm outside it is time in Zone 3 to start thinking about the fall. As such we …Read more »

Mulching Tips from Morton Arboretum

CHICAGO AREA’S MORTON ARBORETUM Mulching trees, shrubs, and plants is both functional and decorative. Once you have chosen the right plant for a given site, and followed the proper planting procedures, you should mulch the plant and create a stable environment for root growth. Learn more here:

Soil Testing Basics from U. Maryland

U. MARYLAND Director of the Home and Garden Information Center, Jon Traunfeld, demonstrates how easy it is to collect and send a soil sample for a soil test. For more information, visit the Home and Garden Information website or the Youtube channel. 

Cover Crops: 16 Demonstration Plots and their Seed Mixes

WISCONSIN, by the University of Wisconsin Integrated Pest and Crop Management Published on Oct 6, 2015 Kevin Shelley, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Nutrient and Pest Management Program. Tour of cover crop demonstrations plots. Species list follows. Medium Red Clover Berseem Clover and Crimson Clover Berseem clover, Annual ryegrass and Daikon radish Berseem clover, Spring barley and …Read more »

Cover Crops To Recharge Your Soil This Winter!

U.K., by GrowVeg Cover crops, or green manures, are a great way to protect your garden from weeds and soil erosion over the winter period. As well as protecting your soil, cover crops can be dug into the earth before spring, improving the soil ecosystem and feeding your plants with essential nutrients. In this short …Read more »

Radish Pea Mixture Cover Crop Excellence

WHITLEY COUNTY, INDIANA, by Dave Robinson,  Cover Crop Dave This video was shot on 11/2/2010 in eastern Whitley County in Indiana. The farmer planted this after a wheat crop was harvested and then dairy manure was applied. There has been less than 3 inches of rain since planting.