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How to Prune a Tree

OHIO Holden Arboretum’s community forester Chad Clink explains the basics including when and how to prune a tree, required tools and necessary tips. Chad demonstrates structural tree pruning in this short video. For more information visit our website. The arboretum is in Kirkland, Ohio.

How to Prune Plums

OREGON, by Garden Time TV Pruning your plums now will give you lots of fruit this coming summer. Make the hard cuts now and enjoy the fruits of your labors later this year. GGVideos editor Charlie Nardozzi says:  Interview format. Basics on pruning an established Japanese plum tree.

Protect Yourself from Mosquitoes

U. MARYLAND Mike Raupp, “The Bug Guy” for the University of Maryland Extension, shows how to take a bite out of mosquitoes! By using the right clothing, cleaning out standing water and other techniques, you too can keep your mosquito population down and your house pest free. For more information on the variety of mosquitoes …Read more »

U. Wyoming Investigates Homemade Herbicides

UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING EXTENSION Published on Feb 13, 2017 You can find many recipes for homemade herbicides on the internet, but you can’t believe everything you read. Some of these recipes can be more expensive and even more toxic than commercial chemicals. From the Ground Up is your source for Wyoming relevant gardening and horticulture …Read more »

Restoring a Native Prairie

NASHVILLE, TN From the TV show Volunteer Gardener: “Join Julie Berbiglia as she walks through a native prairie full of grasses, flowers and wildlife and learns the seeding and maintenance needs.

Sunflowers with Bees

WASHINGTON STATE, by Susan  Mulvihill of Susan’s in the Garden Watch the bee activity on around a bed of sunflowers. From Susan Mulvihill, Susan’s in the Garden,

Webinar: Seed Saving for Beginners

IOWA, by Grant Olson at Seed Savers Exchange Heritage Farm

Cover Crops: 16 Demonstration Plots and their Seed Mixes

WISCONSIN, by the University of Wisconsin Integrated Pest and Crop Management Published on Oct 6, 2015 Kevin Shelley, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Nutrient and Pest Management Program. Tour of cover crop demonstrations plots. Species list follows. Medium Red Clover Berseem Clover and Crimson Clover Berseem clover, Annual ryegrass and Daikon radish Berseem clover, Spring barley and …Read more »

Composting Basics for the Garden

U. MARYLAND Master Gardener Bettye Ames she walks us through the steps on how to make your own nutritious compost. She explains the benefits of hot composting and how to turn everyday food and garden waste into “black gold.” This video is brought to you by the Home and Garden Information Center, part of University …Read more »

12 Narrow Garden Design Tips and Ideas

SOUTHEAST ENGLAND by Alexandra Campbell of The Middle-Sized Garden Make your narrow garden look wider (and more beautiful) with these clever garden design tips and tricks. Town gardens are often long and thin – or short and narrow. These 12 real gardens show you what can be achieved by following a few simple principles. Some …Read more »

Stunning Spring Container

OREGON From Al’s Garden Center (locations in Woodburn, Sherwood and Gresham): “Kyle shows us how to plant a stunning spring container.” Lots more videos at the Al’s Garden Center Youtube Channel.

How to Prune a Young Blueberry Bush

NORTH CAROLINA by the Useful Plants Nursery Featuring Troy Swift, this is the first installment of our Plant Jam Video Series. Stay tuned for more, and feel free to visit us at   GGVideos Editor’s Note: Nice, simple look at pruning a young blueberry plant.