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4-Arm Kniffin system for Growing Grapes

MAINE University of Maine Cooperative Extension demonstrates the four-arm kniffin pruning technique for Concord-type grapes. Note by GGVideos editor Charlie Nardozzi: Good pruning system for home gardeners. This is the pruning system I use!

4 Popular Gardening Tips you can Probably Ignore

CHICAGO AREA By Patrick Dolan of One Yard Revolution: Frugal & Sustainable Organic Gardening I do my best to grow a lot of food without spending much or working harder than I have to. In pursuit of this goal, I carefully evaluate gardening tips before adopting them. This video reviews 4 popular tips you can …Read more »

Rejuvenation/Renewal Pruning for More Blooms on Overgrown Shrubs

ONTARIO, CANADA From Robert Pavlis, the scientist/gardener behind How to correctly prune overgrown trees and shrubs. Learn to produce more flowers and healthy growth. Watch as I prune this lilacs. Become a better gardener, Subscribe:… Free Stuff: Free Garden eBook: 24 1/2 Garden Design Ideas:… ———————– My Books: Garden Myths:… Building …Read more »

How to Stop Leggy Seedlings

U.K., by Lee at Project Diaries Published on Feb 21, 2017 In Today’s Project Diary Video I will be teach you two difference ways to help prevent your early Windowsill Seedlings from becoming legging. USEFUL SEEDLING EQUIPMENT 🇬🇧 UK BUY ONLINE: SEEDLING POTTING SOIL – SEEDLING TRAYS – SEEDLING PROPAGATOR SET – WATERPROOF SEEDLING HEAT …Read more »

U. Wyoming Investigates Homemade Herbicides

UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING EXTENSION Published on Feb 13, 2017 You can find many recipes for homemade herbicides on the internet, but you can’t believe everything you read. Some of these recipes can be more expensive and even more toxic than commercial chemicals. From the Ground Up is your source for Wyoming relevant gardening and horticulture …Read more »

How to Prune Muscadine Grapes

NORTH CAROLINA from the Useful Plants Nursery Chuck demonstrates how to prune a mature Muscadine grape vine at Miller Putnam’s farm in South Carolina. Note by GGVideos editor Charlie Nardozzi: A look at pruning an overgrown muscadine vine.

Hardening Off Tomatoes in Cold Frames

ONE YARD REVOLUTION IN CHICAGO, IL Another terrific video by Patrick Dolan: I’m not taking any chances with my tomatoes this year. Though I usually have them in the ground by now, this year’s unpredictable and cold weather has made me cautious. The last thing I want is to lose them to an unexpected frost. …Read more »

How to Use Trail Cameras for Backyard Wildlife

MISSISSIPPI, by Mississippi State Extension Trail cameras can be a fun, educational addition to your backyard. Dr. Adam Rohnke, Mississippi State University Extension Service wildlife biologist, shows you how to set one up. Learn more about backyard wildlife habitats at Note from GGVideos: the cameras start at $40, and look pretty easy to operate. Good …Read more »

How to Grow a Lemon Tree from Seed

BY DIY HOME AND GARDEN Learn how to grow almost all types of citrus trees from grocery bought fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, limes, and clementine. To see the 2 week update with results click the link here:

How to Prune Roses

JACKSON & PERKINS, a U.S. company In this video, Expert Rosarian, Paul Zimmerman, shares more of his wisdom with us, walking us through the basics of rose pruning. There’s no need to worry – it’s easy! As Paul says, roses are plants, too! They are just flowering shrubs, which means gardeners shouldn’t be intimidated by …Read more »

First Winter Pruning of Muscadine Grape Vine

GEORGIA By Ison’s Nursery and Vineyard Greg Ison from Ison’s Nursery & Vineyard demonstrates how to prune a muscadine vine the first winter. This is an important step in establishing your vineyard. Ison’s Nursery & Vineyard is the largest and oldest grower of muscadine vines in the country. We ship plants all across the country …Read more »

Lots of Trench Edging to Do Before I Mulch

NORTH CAROLINA by Jim Putnam of HortTube Lots Of Trench Edging To Do Before I Mulch – In this video I talk about why I like to trench edge around my grass and hard surfaces rather than use plastic or concrete edging. It is a fast and easy way to create a sharp differentiation between …Read more »