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How to Stake a Tree

KANSAS STATE Staking a tree is important to help it establish a strong root system — especially with strong winds. This segment provides information on where to place the stake, how to protect the tree from rubbing on the stake, and when to remove it. Produced by the Department of Communications at Kansas State University. …Read more »

How to Make a DIY Christmas Wreath with Natural Materials

U.K. by Mr. Carrington In this DIY tutorial I show you how to make a Christmas Wreath for your door using all natural materials with a willow wreath base. If you make a wreath please let me know how you get on in the comments below, or tag me in your instagram pictures @mistercarrington. Please …Read more »

How to Water

MIDWEST Nationally known gardening expert, author & TV/radio host Melinda Myers offers simple techniques to help your gardens grow, help you conserve water and limit the time you spend watering. Melinda Myers, best known for her gardener friendly and practical approach to gardening, has more than 30 years of horticulture experience in both hands-on and instructional settings. …Read more »

How to Prune Crabapples

FINE GARDENING MAGAZINE Steve Aitken visits Tower Hill Botanic Garden to show you how these spring-blooming trees are pruned. From Fine Gardening Magazine, a U.S. publication.

How to Prune Citrus Trees

TEXAS by The Arbor Gate in Tomball, TX Angela Chandler joins Beverly Welch to discuss When, Why, and How to prune one of the most popular fruit trees – Citrus! Note from GGVideos editor Charlie Nardozzi: Basics on pruning a young citrus tree. Interview format, basics on pruning citrus in South. More talking than action …Read more »

Spring Weeding

William Moss gives gardening tips for the National Gardening Association.

How to Prune Perennials and Hydrangeas in the Fall

MASSACHUSETTS By the Boston-area horticulturist Dave Epstein at Growing Wisdom. Growing Wisdom garden videos will help you with all your gardening needs. Come back every week for our latest tips on what to do in your yard.

Plants that Attract Pollinators

U. WYOMING If you’re trying to attract a range of pollinators to your garden, it’s important to plant a diversity of flowers that will bloom throughout the summer season and include an assortment of colors and flower shapes. L:earn more at From the Ground Up. and the Wyoming Extension Youtube channel.

How to Use Trail Cameras for Backyard Wildlife

MISSISSIPPI, by Mississippi State Extension Trail cameras can be a fun, educational addition to your backyard. Dr. Adam Rohnke, Mississippi State University Extension Service wildlife biologist, shows you how to set one up. Learn more about backyard wildlife habitats at Note from GGVideos: the cameras start at $40, and look pretty easy to operate. Good …Read more »

How to Save True-To-Type Heirloom Cucumber Seeds

CHICAGO AREA, by Patrick Dolan of One Yard Revolution Today I’ll show you how to save true-to-type heirloom cucumber seeds from this year’s crop to grow in your garden next year. “Seed to Seed” by Suzanne Ashworth: You can support OYR simply by clicking this link (bookmark it too) before shopping on Amazon: OYR is …Read more »

How I Interplant Nitrogen Fixing Cover Crops & Food Crops for the Fall

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS AREA, by Patrick Dolan of One Yard Revolution Published on Aug 3, 2017 As I harvest crops planted this spring, I interplant nitrogen fixing cover crops and food crops for the fall, ensuring a continuous harvest and an ample supply of nitrogen. Premium Soil Builder Mix:… If you shop on Amazon, you can …Read more »

Soil and the Subarctic Gardener

WHITEHORSE, YUKON TERRITORY, CANADA The Curious Gardener (Arlin McFarlane) visits Heidi Marion to learn about sub-arctic soil and how to prep for winter.