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DIY Holiday Nature Crafts: Gifts & Decor for Christmas!

NEW YORK CITY AREA, by Ellie Ransom Hey guys! Today I’m showing you 4 easy and cute DIY gifts and decor ideas using things from nature! This includes ornaments, a greenery wreath, pine cone garland and a herb sachet! I hope you like this video! Please give it a thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE! 🙂 Last …Read more »

Making Natural Willow Christmas Wreaths

U.K.  by Tanya of Lovely Greens Organic Gardening and DIY Christmas wreaths created from natural materials like willow, holly, evergreens, and ivy are both inexpensive and fun to make! You can forage for what you can in your own garden or sustainably gather from the wild. This year I’ve partnered with my friend John “Dog” …Read more »

How to Make a DIY Christmas Wreath with Natural Materials

U.K. by Mr. Carrington In this DIY tutorial I show you how to make a Christmas Wreath for your door using all natural materials with a willow wreath base. If you make a wreath please let me know how you get on in the comments below, or tag me in your instagram pictures @mistercarrington. Please …Read more »

How to Make a Beautiful Twig Wreath from Tree Trimmings

U.K., by the Middle-Sized Garden Quick, easy and free! Make this beautiful twig wreath from your garden tree trimmings. Add dried flowers, lights or decorations – or just leave it beautifully simple. Make a beautiful DIY wreath from your garden clippings. How to use twigs from the garden to make a quick and easy wreath …Read more »

How to Make a Christmas Wreath from Scratch

U.K. by Luxury Family  Hotels Eliza Reid, Head Gardener at Luxury Family Hotels, Woolley Grange Hotel gives step by step instructions on how to make a beautiful Christmas door wreath. A great activity to do with kids from selecting what you’ll use to making the wreath. For more details of everything you need to make …Read more »

Care & Culture of Christmas Cactus

CONNECTICUT, by Logee’s Plants Christmas Cactus are some of the most famous houseplants that brighten the winter days. Learn how the shortening day length, paper sun exposure and cooler temperatures bring these beauties into flower. For more information visit-

How to Create Beautiful Winter Floral Displays

OKLAHOMA, by Oklahoma State’s Oklahoma Gardening Use plant material from your yard and garden to create beautiful displays to welcome holiday guests and brighten the winter landscape.

How to Make a Holiday Wreath

WASHINGTON STATE, by Susan Mulvihill of Susan’s in the Garden Learn how easy it is to create a beautiful holiday wreath using greenery from your garden.

7 Tips to Pick & Keep the Perfect Christmas Tree

WALL STREET JOURNAL FOR A NATIONAL AUDIENCE Learn how to choose the perfect Christmas tree and keep it alive from Thanksgiving to the New Year. WSJ Off Duty puts some popular questions – penny in the water? Drill a hole in the trunk? — to a professional New York tree farmer. With MarketWatch reporter Kelli …Read more »

Watering During Winter

DALLAS/FORTH WORTH, TX by Texas A&M How to make sure your plants are getting enough water over the winter.

Why a Small Garden Needs a Big Idea

U.K., by Alexandra Campbell at The Middle-Sized Garden Give your garden the ‘wow’ factor with a big idea. Three small private gardens – each with a different idea to inspire you. #urbangarden#backyard #gardendesign Philip Oostenbrink’s garden is open once a year for the NGS. See: For Paul Thompson-Mcarthur Garden Design, see: For Tom Stogdon Sculpture: …Read more »

The Less is More Garden – Interview with Susan Morrison

AUSTIN, TX by Central Texas Gardener Got a small garden? California designer Susan Morrison and author of The Less is More Garden: Big Ideas for Designing Your Small Yard, puts the plus into downsized spaces (to adapt for big gardens, too). GGVideo Note: Susan is a garden designer in the SF Bay Area of California.