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Tours of home gardens in the U.S. and Canada.

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Amethyst Dwyer Shows us Her Garden

GREENBELT, MARYLAND Amethyst narrates a tour of her townhouse garden in Old Greenbelt, Md. Front yard is a riot of color while the Meditation Garden is out back. Recorded in mid-August 2020. Edited by Susan Harris for Greenbelt Online.

Tour Lesley Kash’s Garden in Greenbelt, Md.

GREENBELT, MD Video by Susan Harris for GreenbeltOnline.org and GoodGardeningVideos.org. From Lesley: My childhood home, sold in the 70s, was in sad shape by the time I bought it back 30 years later. Never having gardened, I got a “shade collection” at Costco, a sack of scary-looking bare roots that grew into hostas, astilbes and …Read more »