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Tours of home gardens in the U.S. and Canada.

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Welcome to Hope’s Fun Garden!

GREENBELT, MARYLAND Hope’s delightful garden is in East Greenbelt, Maryland. She writes: Most of the blooms from my front garden are already gone, so I have added a garden bike with mums, and pots with zinnia and marigold. On my steps are pots of mandevilla (a favorite of mine), coleus and perslane. The perslanes are …Read more »

Romantic Garden in Sun and Shade

TEXAS An episode of Central Texas Gardener, the award-winning show on KLRU in Austin.  Browse the Central Texas Gardener Youtube Channel for dozens more excellent videos, including interviews, projects, and more gardens. In this episode of Central Texas Gardener: Framed by her historic home, Chandler Ford’s romantic, fragrant front yard stops neighbors in their tracks to savor …Read more »

Annual Garden in Minnesota

From MINNESOTA By Amy Andrychowicz of GetBusyGardening.com A quick tour of my annual gardens… Here are some related links: 5 Easy Annuals to Collect and Grow From Seed Tips for Indoor Seed Sowing Winter Sowing Seeds Zinnia Plant profile

Starting Over Creative

LYTTON SPRINGS, TX From Central Texas Gardener When Alicia and Joe Thornton bought land in Lytton Springs, they restored the grounds and pond for wildlife. While building charming spaces, chicken coop and vignettes from scavenged finds, they started a new business, ArtisansbyDesignTX. From reclaimed and salvaged materials, they craft beautiful custom-designed furniture and artwork. Their …Read more »

Great Chicago-Area Back Yard

From the CHICAGO, ILL AREA Explore the beauty of Gary Slack’s backyard and get inspiration for your own yard. From Dig in Chicago, with Jennifer Brennan.

Benjamin Vogt’s Nebraska Native Garden

LINCOLN, NEBRASKA: 1,500 foot 80% native plant garden in Lincoln, NE. More pics, along with info on garden consulting & design, at Monarch Garden.

Spanish Courtyard Garden in San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO, TX, from Central Texas Gardener on PBS Inspired by trips to Mexico, Claire Golden restored her historic mission-styled courtyard in San Antonio. She banished sloping lawn for pleasant outdoor rooms, connected by a central aqueduct, bold plants, and a margarita cantina. In front, a shady plaza arranged with faux bois furniture by Carlos …Read more »

Lee Reich’s “Farmden”

NEW PALTZ, NEW YORK Published Nov 2013, by Lee Reich. Before the snow flies, come and have a (video) look. What’s a farmden? Find out. It’s a little nutty — with chestnuts, filberts, black walnut, pine nut, and buartnut.

20-Square-Foot Balcony Garden

GREENWICH VILLAGE, NY: Man has 20 sq ft urban garden on his terrace. Not only did he turn his 4×5 foot terrace into a garden, he hung things on the walls and whatnot to create a vertical spicy garden. Urban Gardener is a video series dedicated to exploring some of the most interesting city green …Read more »

My Townhouse Garden, Spring 2021

Quick video tour and highlights of GGVideos Editor Susan Harris’s garden in Historic Greenbelt, Md., with “A Love that Will Last” from Adobe Music. Walk-on by Handsome Harry. To see the front yard in late summer, watch this video about its transformation last year. https://youtu.be/niYn1MpryQo PROMINENT PLANTS, FRONT Vines: – Crossvine (Bignonia capreolata) ‘Tangerine Beauty’ …Read more »

Erica Glasener Visits Dan Crow’s Garden, Part 4

PERRY, MICHIGAN The last of 4 “Gardener’s Diary” shows by horticulturist Erica Glasener about the garden of Dan Crow in Perry, Michigan. He’s owner of Outdoor Expressions. The show “A Gardener’s Diary” lasted for 14 years on HGTV and is much missed.

Brooklyn Patio Garden

BROOKLYN, NY From Urban Gardener, a Brooklyn patio getaway garden in Williamsburg beautifully decorated in vines and edible flowers. Urban Gardener is a video series dedicated to exploring some of the most interesting city green spaces and meeting some of the most creative urban gardeners around the US, whether they’re just off a street or …Read more »