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Tours of home gardens in the U.S. and Canada.

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Starting Over Creative

LYTTON SPRINGS, TX From Central Texas Gardener When Alicia and Joe Thornton bought land in Lytton Springs, they restored the grounds and pond for wildlife. While building charming spaces, chicken coop and vignettes from scavenged finds, they started a new business, ArtisansbyDesignTX. From reclaimed and salvaged materials, they craft beautiful custom-designed furniture and artwork. Their …Read more »

Fall Tour of Aspen Grove Gardens

ONTARIO, CANADA From Robert Pavlis, the gardener at Aspen Grove Gardens: Garden Tour of Aspen Grove Gardens, fall 2015. Enjoy a video tour of this lovely private garden located in Southern Ontario. Learn how to make good use of ornamental grasses, water features, and focal points to create a stunning garden for 12 months of …Read more »

Oklahoma Gardening Home-Garden Contest: Bill Hawk’s Tropical Paradise

OKLAHOMA Published on Aug 18, 2017 We visit the home garden of Bill Hawk in Oklahoma City, OK. (An entry in the 2017 view garden contest.) Find lots more good videos at the Oklahoma Gardening Youtube Channel.

From Basic to Beautiful Designs

AUSTIN, TX From Central Texas Gardener: “Like many new gardeners, Pat and Tom Ellison started with containers. When they bought a house, their passion kept growing. Now, they’ve got as many outdoor rooms as they have inside. Over the years, they’ve added and amended since they hauled their first load of soil or turned their …Read more »

Curb Appeal in the South

MISSISSIPPI From Mississippi State’s Southern Gardening with Dr. Gary Bachman TRANSCRIPT: I’ve always liked the look of white picket fences in the yard. Let’s take a look how my friend Barbara has used her picket fence to show off her front garden. It’s pretty easy see how fantastic the front garden bed is in front …Read more »

New Idea for an Old Front Yard

AUSTIN, TX, from KLRU’s Central Texas Gardener After living in Santa Fe, Kathy Lund wanted a water thrifty design. She and landscape designer Bud Twilley updated her dull front yard with low-care plants for structure and pollinator appeal. After tackling drainage and flooding issues, they sparked up front door entrance and curb appeal with succulents …Read more »

Patrick Anderson’s Succulent Garden

SAN DIEGO, CA, with Debra Lee Baldwin Join me on a tour of a world-class succulent garden in Fallbrook, CA, north of San Diego. This is a special garden for me, because it’s where my awareness of succulents as waterwise landscape plants began, thanks to Patrick Anderson, a Huntington Botanical Gardens volunteer. I’ve visited the garden …Read more »

Urban Design in Nashville

NASHVILLE, TN From WNPT’s Volunteer Gardener: “The new generation of dwarf varieties of plants opens up a whole new world of possibilities for gardeners with small, urban lots. This is an example of a garden that is maximizing its potential. See more gardens on the Volunteer Gardener Youtube Channel.  

Aerial Tour of Succulent Garden

FALLBROOK, CALIFORNIA From Debra Lee Baldwin: “Enjoy a bird’s-eye look at Jeanne Meadow’s world-class succulent garden in Fallbrook, CA. Drone cinematography, production and editing by Kyle Short.”

A Weaving Garden on Many Levels

SAN MARCOS, TX From KLUR’s Central Texas Gardener: In San Marcos, weaver Lydia Kendrick unites multi-level gardens with vivacious color. As she re-graded her sloping yard to control flooding, she designed cozy corners and uplifting views with recycled finds, fragrance and hand-made weavings, even from recycled plastic bags.

Tantalizing Garden Tiers

AUSTIN, TX From KLRU’s Central Texas Gardener. When Syd Teague moved from Tucson to Austin, she wanted a water thrifty garden. As she shaped her land, it became her outdoor laboratory from succulents to flowering perennials. After corralling rainwater runoff in multiple berms and swales, she patterned rambling wanders and broad sweep views that converge …Read more »

Brie Arthur: Transforming the Suburban Landscape

NORTH CAROLINA From PlantPop: “Down in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina (about 20 minutes south of Raleigh) professional landscape designer, Brie Arthur lets us look at her personal garden that incorporates edibles along with the usual shrubs, perennials, annuals, and trees. Her main goals with the garden is to educate and inspire suburban dwellers to think beyond …Read more »