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My Townhouse Garden, Spring 2021

Quick video tour and highlights of GGVideos Editor Susan Harris’s garden in Historic Greenbelt, Md., with “A Love that Will Last” from Adobe Music. Walk-on by Handsome Harry. To see the front yard in late summer, watch this video about its transformation last year. https://youtu.be/niYn1MpryQo PROMINENT PLANTS, FRONT Vines: – Crossvine (Bignonia capreolata) ‘Tangerine Beauty’ …Read more »

Front Yard Make-Over with Vines and Paint

GREENBELT, MARYLAND Front-yard make-over of Modernist home in Greenbelt, Maryland, using vines and paint. ARCHITECTURE Iconic example of the ‘International Style,’ a modernist style rarely seen in the U.S. With the old siding removed and the concrete block façade repaired, the unit is fully restored – except for the original color, which was white. (NOT …Read more »

Welcome to Hope’s Fun Garden!

GREENBELT, MARYLAND Hope’s delightful garden is in East Greenbelt, Maryland. She writes: Most of the blooms from my front garden are already gone, so I have added a garden bike with mums, and pots with zinnia and marigold. On my steps are pots of mandevilla (a favorite of mine), coleus and perslane. The perslanes are …Read more »

Welcome to Katrina’s Garden

GREENBELT, MARYLAND Video by Susan Harris. Music by Fast Eddie and the Slowpokes, whose frontman Ed Crowley is a long-time Greenbelter. Garden and narration by Katrina Boverman, who writes: FRONT GARDEN When I moved to my home in 1987 the front yard had an adorable sugar maple tree and a barely limping along spread of …Read more »

Tour a Garden Oasis in Maryland

GREENBELT, MARYLAND Narration by Sandra Lange, the gardener. Videography by David Barnes. Filmed in Greenbelt, Maryland in late August of 2020.

Virtual Tour of 10 Streetside Gardens in Maryland

GREENBELT, MD Enjoy this video showing and discussing the front yard gardens of 10 houses on Lakeside Drive in Greenbelt, Maryland. This video is a joint project of Greenbelt Access Television, GreenbeltOnline.org and the Old Greenbelt Gardening Boosters. Narration based on observations of Booster members Susan Harris, Melissa Mackey and Mary Lou Williamson.

Tour Lesley Kash’s Garden in Greenbelt, Md.

GREENBELT, MD Video by Susan Harris for GreenbeltOnline.org and GoodGardeningVideos.org. From Lesley: My childhood home, sold in the 70s, was in sad shape by the time I bought it back 30 years later. Never having gardened, I got a “shade collection” at Costco, a sack of scary-looking bare roots that grew into hostas, astilbes and …Read more »

Tour of Melissa Mackey’s Shaded Maryland Garden

GREENBELT, Md. Melissa Mackey grew up on a farm in Southern Maryland and has been gardening around her home in Old Greenbelt since 1989. She also enjoys growing vegetables in a Greenbelt Garden Club community garden plot. She is currently President of the Beltsville Garden Club and Secretary of the Greenbelt Community Garden Club. She appreciates …Read more »

Amethyst Dwyer Shows us Her Garden

GREENBELT, MARYLAND Amethyst narrates a tour of her townhouse garden in Old Greenbelt, Md. Front yard is a riot of color while the Meditation Garden is out back. Recorded in mid-August 2020. Edited by Susan Harris for Greenbelt Online.

Garden of Whimsy, Spirituality and Renewal

AUSTIN, TX, by Central Texas Gardener Published on Apr 19, 2017 Shari and John Bauer hit creativity mode when they chance upon a piano left for trash, a rowboat buried in mud, or abandoned heirloom kettles. They see new life, poetry, and additions to their enchanting vintage vignettes. When they left Houston for sloping property …Read more »

Charming Garden & House Makeover

AUSTIN, TX, by Central Texas Gardener Published on Feb 6, 2019 How do you renovate a 1950s house and children’s playground into stylish, charming destinations with water thrifty plants, lots of romance, and handcrafted arbors and outdoor living? For Colleen Jamison and Bruce Baldwin, it meant sweat, patience, creativity, and lots of love.

Spanish Courtyard Garden in San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO, TX, from Central Texas Gardener on PBS Inspired by trips to Mexico, Claire Golden restored her historic mission-styled courtyard in San Antonio. She banished sloping lawn for pleasant outdoor rooms, connected by a central aqueduct, bold plants, and a margarita cantina. In front, a shady plaza arranged with faux bois furniture by Carlos …Read more »