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Landscape Partners and their Garden

LINCOLN, NE Nebraska Extension Landscape Horticulture Specialist Kim Todd interviews Charles Wegner about the planning of his wonderful home landscape. Visit Nebraska Extension’s Youtube Channel “Backyard Farmer” for lots more.

Urban Chinese Vegetable Garden in New Haven, CT

NEW HAVEN, CONN By GardenClips. A visit to an urban Chinese vegetable garden in New Haven, CT – an example of urban guerilla gardening.  With host Eric Larson of the Marsh Botanical Garden at Yale University.

The Importance of Urban Gardens

WASHINGTON, D.C. With Lola Bloom of City Blossoms, about the importance of gardens in the city.  Video by The Nature Conservancy.

Casey Boyter’s Innovative Courtyard Garden

AUSTIN, TEXAS Casey Boyter is an innovative designer who conserves resources through green roofs, low water landscapes, and creative recycling. At home in east Austin’s Govalle neighborhood, her garden’s a personal test site and sweet retreat. Zac Zamora of Variance Design installed a living wall in her office shower room to continue her exploration of …Read more »

Wildlife-Friendly, Water-Conserving Garden

TEXAS: An episode of Central Texas Gardener, the award-winning show on KLRU in Austin.  Browse the Central Texas Gardener Youtube Channel for dozens more excellent videos, including interviews, projects, and more gardens. In this episode of Central Texas Gardener: Kid, dog, and wildlife friendly: that’s what Stephanie and Tom Sloss wanted when they updated their garden for …Read more »

20-Square-Foot Balcony Garden

GREENWICH VILLAGE, NY: Man has 20 sq ft urban garden on his terrace. Not only did he turn his 4×5 foot terrace into a garden, he hung things on the walls and whatnot to create a vertical spicy garden. Urban Gardener is a video series dedicated to exploring some of the most interesting city green …Read more »

Great Chicago-Area Back Yard

From the CHICAGO, ILL AREA Explore the beauty of Gary Slack’s backyard and get inspiration for your own yard. From Dig in Chicago, with Jennifer Brennan.

Courtyard Sculpture Garden

BROOKLYN, NY: Julie’s urban sculpture courtyard in Williamsburg Brooklyn brings organic statues together with fast growing vines to great an awesome and unique garden. Urban Gardener is a video series dedicated to exploring some of the most interesting city green spaces and meeting some of the most creative urban gardeners around the US, whether they’re …Read more »

Nashville Dahlia Garden

NASHVILLE, TN: From the TV show “Volunteer Gardener.” Dahlias are a bit like roses. Or hostas. Most growers can’t grow just one. We’ll visit with one such dahlia grower whose efforts yield a spectacular reward. Dahlias mentioned in Phillipe’s segment: Sherwood Peach, Penhill Yellow Queen and Who dun it.

Dave Epstein’s Summer Garden

MASSACHUSETTS Horticulturist and meteorologist Dave Epstein of, shows us his own garden. Visit his Youtube Channel for lots more excellent videos.

Felder Rushing’s Mississippi Garden

JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Tour and interview thanks to Oklahoma Gardening. (6/4/05) Host Steve Owens explores the low maintenance home garden of Garden Writer Felder Rushing in Jackson, Mississippi. Visit Oklahoma State’s website and Youtube channel for more info.

Tropical San Diego Garden

SAN DIEGO, CA From San Diego’s gardening TV show “A Growing Passion.” In this episode: Join garden expert Nan Sterman as she visits a lush, tropical garden filled with unusual plants and garden art. This garden was created by San Diego’s legendary designer known as “Sinjen,” who, during his lifetime, was a close family friend …Read more »