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Tour a Garden Oasis in Maryland

GREENBELT, MARYLAND Narration by Sandra Lange, the gardener. Videography by David Barnes. Filmed in Greenbelt, Maryland in late August of 2020.

Roses in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden – Time Lapse

BROOKLYN, NY This time-lapse shows three days in the life of the Cranford Rose Garden at Brooklyn Botanic Garden as thousands of roses bloom in early June. Explore the Brooklyn Botanic Garden website.

Amethyst Dwyer Shows us Her Garden

GREENBELT, MARYLAND Amethyst narrates a tour of her townhouse garden in Old Greenbelt, Md. Front yard is a riot of color while the Meditation Garden is out back. Recorded in mid-August 2020. Edited by Susan Harris for Greenbelt Online.

Tour Lesley Kash’s Garden in Greenbelt, Md.

GREENBELT, MD Video by Susan Harris for and From Lesley: My childhood home, sold in the 70s, was in sad shape by the time I bought it back 30 years later. Never having gardened, I got a “shade collection” at Costco, a sack of scary-looking bare roots that grew into hostas, astilbes and …Read more »

Garden Design Ideas and Inspiration

LONDON From the gardens of designer Amir Schlezinger 20 slides showcasing our top garden design projects throughout London. music by No.Am