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Gardens by professional garden and landscape designers, either for clients or themselves.

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Toronto Garden Make-Over by Terry Ryan

TORONTO, ONTARIO Designer Terry Ryan of Cubic Yard Design transformed a small backyard with a cramped layout into a lush, garden-lover’s oasis. See how he maximized the space to create an incredible outdoor living area.

Courtyard Garden Design

SAN ANTONIO, TX, from from Central Texas Gardener on PBS When Gary Woods planned his green-built home around courtyards, landscape designer Elizabeth McGreevy united indoor and outdoor spaces with an equally sustainable garden. Set in San Antonio’s historic King William district, never-watered heirloom plants join Texas natives to fill the gardens with wildlife. Browse lots more great videos …Read more »

Front Garden Makeover

ENGLAND Make-over by Garden Designer Lee Burkhill of Garden Ninja shows how you can make over a paved front garden to create a stunning front garden. This how-to guide will help you make over your front garden with hints, tips and guides on your garden makeover! Using low-maintenance plants with year-round interest he shows you …Read more »

Hillside Garden of Artistic Levels

AUSTIN, TX, from Central Texas Gardener on PBS Landscape Architect Tait Moring is into recycling. From native stones to ashe juniper branches, he frames his rocky hilltop home with respect for the earth. He’s cycled native plants and wildlife back in since he first arrived to Bermuda grass and a chain link fence. In his multi-layered garden, artistic …Read more »

Rooftop Garden Inspiration

LONDON Rooftop gardens by designer Amir Schlezinger Roof terrace innovation | MyLandscapes – we design & build contemporary rooftop gardens.… Music by Tired Eyes Kingdom…

Vertical Elements Advice by Designer Ansis Birznieks

LATVIA, with designers Lina Liubertaite and Ansis Birzieks.  Published July 2017 (The video is in English but it might help to turn on YouTube’s captions.)  Empty garden? vertical elements need to be there! here are a few samples for a quick and effective vertical elements. Ansis Birznieks – a professional horticulturist from Latvia (“Galantus”), shares …Read more »

Powerful Hilltop Perspectives

AUSTIN, TX,  from Central Texas Gardener  When Travis County Master Gardener Kirk Walden and wife Valerie, an artist, bought their razed property overlooking Lake Austin, they gave it artful perspectives. Working with Botanical Concerns, they channeled the hillside’s flooding waters through dry creek beds. Terraced beds and berms partner texture, color, and wildlife habitat without obstructing …Read more »

Casey Boyter’s Innovative Courtyard Garden

AUSTIN, TEXAS Casey Boyter is an innovative designer who conserves resources through green roofs, low water landscapes, and creative recycling. At home in east Austin’s Govalle neighborhood, her garden’s a personal test site and sweet retreat. Zac Zamora of Variance Design installed a living wall in her office shower room to continue her exploration of …Read more »

Gardens by Noel van Mierlo

HOLLAND Video compilation of gardens by Noel van Mierlo. Van Mierlo Gardens. A design agency for gardens led by Noël van Mierlo. Natural gardens that make the difference in exclusivity and finish. Winner | Most beautiful swimming pond in the Netherlands 2015 Winner | Sustainable Garden of the Netherlands 2012 Winner | Garden of the …Read more »

A Japanese Water Garden

HOLLAND Design ideas from the famed Dutch designer Noel van Mierlo This video of the contemporary Japanese Watergarden is shot in autumn 2016. Beautiful images of a special garden which has it’s peak in the fall. Van Mierlo Tuinen is an award winning design office for gardens, run by Noël van Mierlo. Natural gardens that …Read more »

Gardens by Oregon Designer Suzanne Day Audette

BEND, OREGON By Suzanne Day Audette Landscape Design in Bend, Oregon. Promotional video for her services.

Hampstead Courtyard Garden

ENGLAND By Everchanging Garden Design in Hertfordshire. Call Tim on 07843 487 394 for your free consultation. This is a video to show you The Everchanging Garden Design Hampstead Courtyard Garden To arrange your free consultation to find out how we can make your garden the space you always dreamt it could be. Simply give …Read more »