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How to attract pollinators and provide food or habitat for wildlife in general.

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Plants that Attract Butterflies

U. ILLINOIS EXTENSION: Plants such as zinnia, Brazilian verbena and milkweed are excellent for attracting butterflies to your garden. Learn more at the Illinois Extension website and on their extensive Youtube channel.

Front Yard Habitat Garden

MARYLAND A front yard wildlife garden in Beltsville, MD in July 2013.  A refuge for declining pollinators. (With special thanks to Patricia Sutton and her valuable New Jersey Audubon Society recommended plants.)

How to Attract Wildlife to Your Garden

U. NEBRASKA LINCOLN UNL Extension Educator Dennis Ferraro shows us some practical ways to attract wildlife to your backyard. Visit UNL’s Backyard Farmer website and Youtube Channel for more info.

From Lawn to Habitat Garden

TEMPLE, TEXAS An episode of Central Texas Gardener, the award-winning show on KLRU in Austin.  Browse the Central Texas Gardener Youtube Channel for dozens more excellent videos, including interviews, projects, and more gardens. In this episode of Central Texas Gardener: In Temple, Texas, Bell County Master Gardener Mary Lew Quesinberry and husband David wanted wildlife and low-water …Read more »

Restoring a Native Prairie

NASHVILLE, TN From the TV show Volunteer Gardener: “Join Julie Berbiglia as she walks through a native prairie full of grasses, flowers and wildlife and learns the seeding and maintenance needs.

Pollinator Hotel

NASHVILLE, TN From Volunter Gardener: The Davidson County Master Gardeners share the list of found objects they used in the creation of their very own pollinator hotel. It provides habitat for beneficial insects and other critters in the garden. To WATCH full episodes, visit

How to Attract Butterflies

U. NEBRASKA LINCOLN Curator of the Butterfly Pavilion at the Lincoln Children’s Zoo Dan Staehr talks about both host plants and nectar plants that attract butterflies. Visit UNL’s Backyard Farmer website and Youtube Channel for more info.

Insect Hotel Bee Activity

SPOKANE, WA From Susan Mulvihill of Susan’s in the Garden Watch mason bees and other solitary bees as they go into and out of the insect hotel of garden columnist Susan Mulvihill.

Spring Wildflowers at the Morton Arboretum

CHICAGO AREA, by The Morton Arboretum Native plants blooming in spring.

Trees and Shrubs for Bees

LOS ANGELES, CA Christy Wilhelmi of Gardenerd shares beneficial trees and shrubs that you can grow for bees and other pollinators. Trees not only give us shade, store water, provide habitat and protection, they offer pollen and nectar for bees. Watch and plant something for the future of our bee population. Subscribe to Gardenerd:… …Read more »

Plants that Attract Pollinators

U. WYOMING If you’re trying to attract a range of pollinators to your garden, it’s important to plant a diversity of flowers that will bloom throughout the summer season and include an assortment of colors and flower shapes. L:earn more at From the Ground Up. and the Wyoming Extension Youtube channel.