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How to attract pollinators and provide food or habitat for wildlife in general.

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Plants that Attract Pollinators

U. WYOMING If you’re trying to attract a range of pollinators to your garden, it’s important to plant a diversity of flowers that will bloom throughout the summer season and include an assortment of colors and flower shapes. L:earn more at From the Ground Up. and the Wyoming Extension Youtube channel.

Flowers that Attract Hummingbirds

WASHINGTON STATE, by Susan Mulvihill of Susan’s in the Garden Watch a black-chinned hummingbird sitting in a bush, then see Calliope hummingbirds visiting Bee Balm flowers. From Susan Mulvihill, Susan’s in the Garden, Visit Susan’s website for a list of flowers hummingbirds are attracted to!

Feeders that Attract Birds to the Garden

By Vine House Farm, a bird food company in the U.K. Have you ever wanted to know how to attract birds to your garden? Our experts at Vinehouse Farm have put together this video to show you what types of bird to expect in your garden and how you can feed them. This video acts …Read more »

Zinnias to Support Pollinators

BELTSVILLE, MARYLAND Marcia van Horn shows and recommends these types of zinnias: State Fair California Giant Yellow Flame Profusion Lilliput Double-bloom or double-flowered zinnias should be avoided if you desire bees and butterflies.

Mid-Atlantic Natives and the Pollinators they Support

NORTH CAROLINA By Melittology Nancy Video montage of native bees and a few other insects visiting native plants common in the mid-Atlantic U.S. Organized roughly by bloom time (which varies regionally).

Butterfly Puddles

U. GEORGIA EXTENSION: Walter shows how to make a simple butterfly puddle to encourage butterflies to come to your garden. Learn more at the Extension website and Youtube channel.

How to Use Trail Cameras for Backyard Wildlife

MISSISSIPPI, by Mississippi State Extension Trail cameras can be a fun, educational addition to your backyard. Dr. Adam Rohnke, Mississippi State University Extension Service wildlife biologist, shows you how to set one up. Learn more about backyard wildlife habitats at Note from GGVideos: the cameras start at $40, and look pretty easy to operate. Good …Read more »

Plants for Butterflies and Pollinators

MISSISSIPPI STATE EXTENSION, with Dr. Gary Bachman Transcript: It’s all the gardening rage to plant flowers to attract butterflies and pollinators to our Mississippi gardens. Here are some of my favorites for the landscape. One of the stars of the butterfly garden has to be Golden Delicious pineapple sage. The foliage is a chartreuse yellow …Read more »

Georgia Native Plants

GEORGIA By Daphne C. Roberts – Georgia’s native plants and flowers

How to Attract Wildlife to Your Garden

U. NEBRASKA LINCOLN UNL Extension Educator Dennis Ferraro shows us some practical ways to attract wildlife to your backyard. Visit UNL’s Backyard Farmer website and Youtube Channel for more info.

Butterfly-Loving Zinnias

AUSTIN, TX, by Central Texas Gardener Pop up the summertime garden with zinnias in colors as bright as the sunshine. Trisha explains how to grow her favorites for bedding and arrangements.

Pollinator Hotel

NASHVILLE, TN From Volunter Gardener: The Davidson County Master Gardeners share the list of found objects they used in the creation of their very own pollinator hotel. It provides habitat for beneficial insects and other critters in the garden. To WATCH full episodes, visit