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How to attract pollinators and provide food or habitat for wildlife in general.

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How to Plant a Pollinator Garden

CHICAGO AREA By Melinda Myers for Milorganite Fertilizer. Published on Feb 23, 2017 Bees, butterflies and other pollinators are responsible for much of the food and beauty we enjoy each day. Learn how you can help create a pollinator habitat in your garden, backyard or balcony. It’s simple, provide the essentials – food, shelter, and water …Read more »

Top 10 Pollinator Plants

From NEBRASKA PHEASANTS FOREVER In this Habitat Tip, we discuss the Top 10 plants you want in your next pollinator habitat project! Recommended to GGVideos by Benjamin Vogt of Monarch Gardens. Tip: the plants start at 1:24 minutes.

How to Fill and Clean Hummingbird Feeders

AUSTIN, TX See how to make your own hummingbird feeder mix and keep those feeders clean, with John Dromgoole, owner of The Natural Gardener in Austin, He also shows off a few plants to attract hummingbirds to your garden. From an episode of Central Texas Gardener, the award-winning show on KLRU in Austin.  Browse the Central Texas Gardener Youtube …Read more »

John Dromgoole on Beneficial Insects

CENTRAL TEXAS John Dromgoole, owner of The Natural Gardener in Austin, highlights a few of the good bugs that help keep the garden healthy. From an episode of Central Texas Gardener, the award-winning show on KLRU in Austin.  Browse the Central Texas Gardener Youtube Channel for dozens more excellent videos, including interviews, projects, and more gardens.

From Turfgrass to Central Florida Native Plant Landscape

CENTRAL FLORIDA This 12,000 ft² residential lot which faces a golf course was transformed from a typical builder-installed turf grass lawn into a diverse native plant landscape. All changes were made with full approval of the architectural review committee in this deed restricted community. Only two “islands” (600 ft² total) of grass remain in functional …Read more »

How to Plant and Maintain a Wildflower Meadow

NEW HAVEN, CT From Eric Larson, director of Yale’s Marsh Botanical Garden, for Garden Clips.  Enjoy many more videos at Garden Clips on Youtube. Today we’re going to talk about wildflowers. Here in New England when a forest is disturbed, either by lightning strike or man-made activity, openings in the forest occur and the first species …Read more »

“Hometown Habitat” Trailer

Hometown Habitat is a 90-minute environmental, education documentary focused on showing how and why native plants are critical to the survival and vitality of local ecosystems. Featured is entomologist, Doug Tallamy, whose research, books and lectures on the misuse of non-native plants in landscaping sound the alarm about habitat and species loss. Tallamy provides the …Read more »

Wildflower Gardening in Arkansas

U. ARKANSAS EXTENSION With Dr. Jim Robbins, Extension horticulturist. Learn more at the Arkansas Extension website and Youtube channel.

How to Attract Wildlife to Your Garden

U. NEBRASKA LINCOLN UNL Extension Educator Dennis Ferraro shows us some practical ways to attract wildlife to your backyard. Visit UNL’s Backyard Farmer website and Youtube Channel for more info.

Butterfly Puddles

U. GEORGIA EXTENSION: Walter shows how to make a simple butterfly puddle to encourage butterflies to come to your garden. Learn more at the Extension website and Youtube channel.

Plants that Attract Pollinators

U. WYOMING If you’re trying to attract a range of pollinators to your garden, it’s important to plant a diversity of flowers that will bloom throughout the summer season and include an assortment of colors and flower shapes. L:earn more at From the Ground Up. and the Wyoming Extension Youtube channel.

Plants that Attract Butterflies

U. ILLINOIS EXTENSION: Plants such as zinnia, Brazilian verbena and milkweed are excellent for attracting butterflies to your garden. Learn more at the Illinois Extension website and on their extensive Youtube channel.