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“DJ Khaled Loves his Garden,” in the New York Times

Rap producer DJ Khaled really loves his Los Angeles garden. You’ll be hooked at the opening words – “I love you” to his plants.”  Later he says he and his son “come out here and meditate, catch a vibe.” Just watch. From the Times: Published on Jul 6, 2017 DJ Khaled, the longtime producer, performer …Read more »

Welcome to Good Gardening Videos

Good Gardening Videos.org features hundreds of curated videos about plants, gardens (private, public, community and youth), and gardening how-to. It’s pro-science, pro-environment, ad-free and nonprofit. Start watching to learn and be inspired. Video by Good Gardening Videos Editor Susan Harris. Narration: You know a lot of information on the Internet is CRAP, right? That’s sure …Read more »

Discover Buffalo-Style Gardening

BUFFALO, NY Buffalo-style gardening has been getting a lot of attention in the garden media and it’ll get lots more in August of 2017 when Buffalo hosts the Garden Writer Association’s annual symposium. See what’s going on there in this cool video.