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Removing Cover Crops

OKLAHOMA, by Oklahoma State’s Oklahoma Gardening Oklahoma Gardening’s Kim Toscano demonstrates how to remove cover crops that have been used to prevent erosion during the winter or fallow months.

Coffee Grounds to Lower Soil pH for Blueberries, Fact or Fiction?

QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA, by Rob Bob’s Aquaponics and Backyard Farm Have seen on the web & been told by a few folks that you can dramatically lower the pH of your soil with used coffee grounds for acid loving plants like blueberries.. While blueberries do best in soil between 4 & 6 on the pH scale, …Read more »

3 Inexpensive Tomato Supports & How to Make a Super Sturdy Tomato Trellis

CALIFORNIA by CaliKim Garden and Home DIY Every gardener wants lots of homegrown, tasty tomatoes to share with those you love! In this video, I share 3 DIY inexpensive ways to stake, cage and trellis your tomato plants AND show you how to make a super sturdy tomato trellis from a cattle panel. Provide your …Read more »

DIY Concrete Bench Planter for Your Garden

Oklahoma, by Oklahoma Gardening Published on Apr 19, 2019 In this segment of Oklahoma Gardening, Host Casey Hentges builds a simple do-it-yourself garden bench out of concrete blocks that doubles as a decorative planter with multiple planting spots. Questions? To find out more information about show topics as well as recipes, articles, videos, fact sheets …Read more »

Preparing Beds for Grapes

OKLAHOMA, by Oklahoma Gardening (Oklahoma State) Oklahoma Gardening’s Kim Rebek works in the small fruits garden to prepare the planting bed for the grape vines. GGV Editor’s note: Oklahoma Gardening also has good videos on building a grape trellis and planting a grape plant.

Seed-Shopping Rules from the Backyard Parables

UPSTATE NEW YORK From Away to Garden author Margaret Roach’s The Backyard Parables: Lessons on Gardening, and Life:  How to shop for seeds for your vegetable garden, to resist impulse-buying in seed catalogs, and determine what to order and grow.

How To Control The Peach Tree Borer With Nematodes

NEW MEXICO, by New Mexico State University Learn how to control the peach tree borer by applying nematodes to the tree bark. From the Southwest Yard & Garden series.

How to Build and Plant a 3-Tier Strawberry Tower from Repurposed Containers

MARYLAND, by Gary Pilarchik of The Rusted Garden I show you how to make and plant a 3 tier strawberry tower made from repurposed containers. It will easily support over 25 strawberry plants. I also show you what a strawberry crown is, as it is important not to bury it! Please Help Support My Channel: …Read more »

2 Min. Tip: How We Train Crops Up Trellises (Vertical Gardening)

CHICAGO AREA, by Patrick Dolan of One Yard Revolution: Frugal and Sustainable Organic Gardening In today’s 2 minute tip, I share how we train vertical crops like tomatoes, winter squash, pumpkins, watermelons, and scarlet runner beans up our conduit/remesh trellises. If you shop on Amazon, you can support OYR simply by clicking this link (bookmark …Read more »

Fall/Winter Planting Date Tools & What We’re Planting Now in Zone 5

CHICAGO AREA GGVideo Editor’s Note:  Zone 5 (Chicago) plants and ideas for fall planting, including planting calendar and use of greenhouses and row covers.  From One Yard Revolution: Frugal and Sustainable Organic Gardening. Published August 21, 2016 Today I’ll show you what we’re planting in August to ensure abundant fall and winter harvests. And I’ll provide …Read more »

How to Grow Grapes on an Arbor

CALIFORNIA, from the Dave Wilson Nursery  Chuck Ingels tells us about the grape arbor at the Fair Oaks Hort Center. Note from GGVideos editor Charlie Nardozzi: The basics on setting up and pruning a grape arbor. Talks about cordon and spur-type grapes.

How to Plant a Dwarf Fruit Tree (Redhaven Peach)

CHICAGO AREA, by Patrick Dolan of One Yard Revolution: Frugal and Sustainable Organic Gardening Dwarf fruit trees are a great choice for small gardens. In today’s video, I show how I planted a dwarf peach tree. If you shop on Amazon, you can support OYR simply by clicking this link (bookmark it too) before shopping: http://www.amazon.com/?tag=oneya-20 Sources: …Read more »