How to grow vegetables, fruits and herbs.

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How to Store Garlic

PACIFIC NORTHWEST by Misilla at Learn to Grow Storing Garlic. Homegrown or store bought garlic. How to store Garlic.

How to Store Hardneck Garlic

MAINE, by the University of Maine Extension Extension Educator Dave Fuller demonstrates how to prep your garlic for storage while avoiding damage and disease. For more information about growing garlic in Maine, visit our site: http://umaine.edu/agriculture/program…

How to Harvest and Store Onions

U.K. by GrowVeg Onions form the bedrock of many culinary creations. You can eat them fresh, but if you want to store some to use later on you’ll need to harvest and dry them correctly. Onions need to be thoroughly cured so that they can be kept in storage for weeks or even months without …Read more »

How to Store Sweet Potatoes At Home | Freezing Sweet Potatoes

VERMONT, by Kathy LaLiberte for Homeclick Sweet potatoes need to be harvested before or immediately after the first light frost. But that doesn’t mean they need to be eaten right away. Here’s how to store sweet potatoes to enjoy them in the months to come. To find all the best brands for your home, shop …Read more »

Big Sweet Potato Harvest in Zone 5!

CHICAGO AREA, by Patrick Dolan of One Yard Revolution Please join me as I harvest sweet potatoes in zone 5! If you shop on AMAZON in the US, you can support OYR simply by clicking this link (bookmark it too) before shopping: http://www.amazon.com/?tag=oneya-20 Thank you for your support! I’m passionate about an approach to organic gardening …Read more »

Building and Using a Window Well Root Cellar

N. UTAH by Rick Stone of Our Stoney Acres Building and Using a window well root cellar This weeks 5 minute Friday video covers how to build your own window well root cellar and how to use it to store potatoes and other vegetable during the winter months. Here’s the link I talk about in …Read more »

Curing Potatoes Before Winter Storage

N. UTAH by Rick Stone of Our Stoney Acres Here’s this weeks 5 Minute Friday Gardening Tip. This video will teach you how to cure your potatoes before you put them away for the winter. Don’t skip this step. It allows the potatoes to dry and the skin to harden. It also gives the potatoes …Read more »

Storing Winter Carrots

NEW BRUNSWICK, CANADA by Scott Mudge Lots of Carrots and not sure what to do? This is how we store our carrots for the winter. Check it out!

How to Store Carrots and Beets

VERMONT, by Kathy LaLiberte for HomeClick Proper storage of your carrots and beets will ensure that you get to eat fresh vegetables well into the Winter months. Here’s how to store carrots and beets from your vegetable garden. To find all the best brands for your home, shop at http://www.homeclick.com. For the step by step on …Read more »

How to Improve Soil Using Cover Crops

ATLANTA AREA, by Joe Lamp’l  of the website and podcast Joe Gardener and PBS’s “Growing a Greener World,” for a national audience Learn common cover crops and the easy steps to put them to work for healthier soil.

How to Save Zucchini Seeds. Also Works for Squash & Pumpkins..

QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA, by Rob Bob’s Aquaponics and Backyard Farm Have left this zucchini/courgette on the vine for seed saving purposes & decided it was time to harvest the fruit and save the seeds after a viewer prompted me, thanks Voca T 🙂 It is a really easy process that only takes a matter of minutes …Read more »

Seed saving: Avoiding cross pollination in squash

SACRAMENTO, CA by Davide Antonicelli How to avoid cross pollination in squash for seed saving. This is a video about how to avoid the crossing of squash. 1. Identify the male and female flowers prior to opening, prevent them from opening to avoid cross pollination by insects. 2. The next day manually pollinate the female …Read more »