How to grow vegetables, fruits and herbs.

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Esoteric in Virginia Beach – a Restaurant Garden

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA By PlantPop, a plant-focused video production company. Kristina Chastain and her husband Tim were drawn to the area of Virginia Beach by a desire to combine art aesthetic with phenomenal cuisine. Esoteric is their way of connecting rare craft beers with eclectic and curated foods. Much of the herbs and vegetables in …Read more »

How to Harvest Garlic

UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY Learn when and how to harvest the garlic in your garden. Connect with USU Extension! Facebook – http://facebook.com/usuextension Twitter – http://twitter.com/usuextension Pinterest – http://pinterest.com/usuextension LinkedIn – http://linkedin.com/company/usuextension Find more good Utah State videos here.

How to Harvest Potatoes

UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY EXTENSION Learn which tools to use for harvest, when potatoes are ready for harvest, and how to handle harvested potatoes. Ron Patterson, Utah State University Extension, Carbon County More good videos by Utah State here.

Harvesting Beets

TEXAS By Jared for Texas Victory Garden: Harvesting beets. Harvest beets between 2 to 3 months. The tops of the roots should be above the ground and about the size a racquetball.

How to Harvest Carrots

FINE GARDENING (For a national audience) Fine Gardening Magazine’s senior editor Danielle Sherry, for Howdini. Once a carrot is pulled from the ground it cannot be replanted, so knowing the signs is crucial. Fine Gardening’s Danielle Sherry shares some helpful tips and tricks with Fine Cooking’s Sarah Breckenridge for harvesting carrots from your home garden.

Three Ways to Harvest Lettuce

CINCINNATI, OHIO From Christa’s Garden: In this video I will show you three ways to harvest lettuce. You can harvest the entire head, harvest the oldest leaves, or harvest using the cut and come again method. I hope you found some useful information in this video. Please like, comment, and subscribe! Thanks for watching. These …Read more »

How to Harvest Swiss Chard

VANCOUVER, BC From LifeSpace Gardens: Learn when Swiss chard is ready to eat and how to keep up a continual harvest through the cut-and-come again method.

How to Harvest Kale

BONNIE PLANTS (for a national audience) Learn the best way to harvest kale so you can keep coming back for more. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BonniePlants Twitter: https://twitter.com/bonnieplants Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/bonnieplants Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/growbonnieplants YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/growbonnieplants Website: http://www.bonnieplants.com

Harvesting Broccoli

VERMONT By Kathy LaLiberte for Homeclick. Harvesting broccoli should be done before the florets start to separate. Watch the video to learn the best way to harvest broccoli in your garden.

How to Harvest Basil

U.S., CANADA, UK and EUROPE by Heather Borkowski, of Revolutionary Roots.  Heather has farmed and gardened on both the East and West coasts, the UK, Italy, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and British Columbia. Now living in Scotland. Subscribe to Revolutionary Roots for the latest videos: http://bit.ly/17ue4T6 Learn how to pick your basil to promote growth which encourages the plant to …Read more »

How to Harvest Snap and Shelling Peas

SOMEWHERE IN THE SOUTH By Jill McSheehy of Journey with Jill in the Garden Whether you are growing snow peas, snap peas, or shelling peas (and I explain the differences in this video), you’ll want to know when is the optimal time to harvest them. From eating fresh snap peas, harvesting shelling peas or saving …Read more »

Topping off Brussels Sprouts for Huge Side Sprouts

MARYLAND From Gary Pilarchik: My Brussels Sprouts did pretty well. Topping them off now, in the fall, puts the plant’s energy toward the side sprouts. That is what I recommend you do about a month or so before the frost comes into your area. Pump up your sprouts! Follow me on Instagram for 60 Second …Read more »