Videos that teach garden design.

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Create Rooms in the Landscape

OKLAHOMA STATE Oklahoma Gardening host Kim Toscano discusses garden design principles and how to create different spaces within the landscape. Visit Oklahoma State’s website and Youtube channel for more info.

How to Plant a Fairy Garden

Behnke Nurseries in Beltsville, MD Horticulturist Carol Allen on creating a magical, miniature world fairy garden. Visit Behnke’s Youtube channel for more.

How to Design a Small Urban Garden

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK: Denton from Urban Gardener visits an urban garden in Park Slope Brooklyn and learns from the owner how to design a space that highlights color, obeys the grid of the space, creates a space for relaxing and includes non-organic texture. Urban Gardener is a series that proves that the size of your …Read more »

Why a Small Garden Needs a Big Idea

U.K., by Alexandra Campbell at The Middle-Sized Garden Give your garden the ‘wow’ factor with a big idea. Three small private gardens – each with a different idea to inspire you. #urbangarden#backyard #gardendesign Philip Oostenbrink’s garden is open once a year for the NGS. See: For Paul Thompson-Mcarthur Garden Design, see: For Tom Stogdon Sculpture: …Read more »

Art in the Garden

BOSTON, MA Help from horticulturist and meteorologist Dave Epstein of Visit his Youtube Channel for lots more excellent videos.

How to Get Garden Design Ideas in the Fall

TORONTO, ONTARIO by Kathy Renwald Published on Nov 8, 2017 This video is about Fall Garden Design GGVideos note: Kathy was the host of the popular HGTV show “A Gardener’s Journal.”

How to Hide a Fence

NEBRASKA Nebraska Extension Landscape Horticulture Specialist Kim Todd talks about fences and creative ways to hide them. For lots more good videos check out UN-L’s Backyard Farmer Youtube channel.

How to Make a Vertical Garden

SUNSET MAGAZINE Liven up a room, cover up an unsightly fence, or paint with plants with these easy vertical gardening tips from associate garden editor, Johanna Silver. Subscribe to Sunset’s channel:… Follow @SunsetMag on Twitter: Find Sunset on Facebook:

Design with Succulents

SAN DIEGO, CAL Garden photojournalist Debra Lee Baldwin, author of author of several best-selling books about succulents. visits Nancy Dalton’s garden in north San Diego county. Debra shows and explains many of the great succulent design ideas the garden exemplifies, and IDs its most significant succulents and other waterwise plants. The garden won the city’s drought-tolerant …Read more »

Designing for Birds

SPOKANE, WA Garden columnist Susan Mulvihill shares the landscape design elements of her own garden, and how they evolved. From Susan’s in the Garden. Visit her YouTube channel for more

Taming a Wild Garden (Small Garden Make-over)

ONTARIO, CANADA by Kathy Renwald This video is about Taming a Wild Garden

Patio Shapes that Improve Your Garden

By designer Rachel Mathews Does your patio look the way you want? Does it work with the rest of your garden or is it dull and boring? The SHAPE of your patio makes such a difference to the overall look of your garden. It’s often THE most overlooked aspect of garden design. In this episode, …Read more »