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Freaks of the Garden Sale, Mountain-Style

HAILEY, IDAHO From the freaks at Peaceful Belly Farm,  video marketing for their plant sale and boy, was it a hit! “Thanks for watching our video. We never meant for it to go viral this way. Want to watch the making of this video.… Want to buy a peaceful belly tee shirt? Send us an email …Read more »

Snow Place for Gardeners

CHICAGO, IL Daniel Gasteiger of the blog Your Small Kitchen Garden shows his warm-climate gardening friends some of the awesome advantages of living where it snows.

Dormancy, a Video Poem

VIRGINIA From Lancaster Farms in Suffolk, VA: “Dormancy” is a video poem, a meditation on winter. To think I was eager to pause and stare When the first snow danced through December’s air. Returning hero, ticker-tape-parade The streets a meadow, avenues a glade. Winter’s fine footman brought season’s greetings, Family worship and festive meetings. New …Read more »

The Pansy

VIRGINIA From Lancaster Farms in Suffolk, Virginia. A celebration of Fall and Winter’s beautiful flower, the pansy. When the canopies of oaks strong And maples noble whisper along, In Pollacked piles collect dicarded Exhaling summer sun and youth unguarded. When gentle hands travail with rake Yet still the earth does not forsake Nature’s goal and …Read more »