How to compost, including with worms.

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Worm Composting

MIDWEST Convert kitchen scraps into valuable worm compost and fertilizer for your houseplants, container plantings and gardens. By nationally known gardening expert, author & TV/radio host Melinda Myers.

Worm Composting

U. of MAINE University of Maine Cooperative Extension educator Marjorie Peronto discusses the benefits and best methods of worm composting. Learn more at the U. Maine Extension website and Youtube channel.

Trench Composting with Melinda Myers

MIDWESTERN GARDENING EXPERT MELINDA MYERS Convert kitchen scraps and yard waste into compost right in the garden with trench composting. For more information visit and

Varieties of Composting Bins

U. MARYLAND Master Gardener Bettye Ames gives a run through of different types of compost bins you can use to get your compost pile started. This video is brought to you by the Home and Garden Information Center, part of University of Maryland Extension. There are lots more on their Youtube Channel.  Or learn their Grow …Read more »

Good Fertilizers and Growing Media for Houseplants

U. MARYLAND Dave Clement, UMD Plant Pathologist and Carrie Engel of Valley View Farms Garden and Nursery in Cockeysville, MD review many different foliage houseplant food options. For more information, visit the Home and Garden Information website or the Youtube channel.