How to compost, including with worms.

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The #1 Vermicomposting Mistake You’re Making!

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, by Kevin Espiritu of Epic Gardening Premiered Mar 18, 2019 Does your worm bin stink? Is your worm bin too wet? Are there a ton of other bugs in your bin? You’ll be surprised to know that almost all of these problems have the same root cause…over feeding. It’s a common myth that …Read more »

How to Use Leaves as Garden Mulch

GEORGIA, by Joe Lamp’l (Joe Gardener TV) or a national audience Leaves are the best amendment for any garden, landscape bed or compost pile. Watch as Joe Lamp’l demonstrates easy how-to steps for gathering, processing and putting fall leaves to use in your garden.

Composting: Troubleshooting Issues

KANSAS STATE EXTENSION Common challenges with composting include material not breaking down quick enough, keeping the right mix of browns and greens, funny odors, and attracting wildlife. This segment gives tips on how to combat these issues and have success at composting. Produced by the Department of Communications and Agricultural Education at Kansas State University. …Read more »

How to Make a Compost Bin for Free Using Shipping Pallets

ATLANTA-AREA EXPERT JOE LAMP’L at Over the years I’ve tried every type of composting system, from open piles to expensive, dual-bin, closed devices. Yet my system of choice is when I made a compost bin for free using shipping pallets. And it’s what I still use today, 10-years and counting. You can make it in …Read more »

Composting 101: Stupid-Easy Compost Making in Piles & Bins

PACIFIC NORTHWEST From Pure Living for Life: Support us on Patreon: Compost tumbler for urban composting: Earlier this year we decided to dive into composting 101 and get started with our very first compost pile. Despite the concept being incredibly simple, there is so much information out there on how to start a …Read more »

Composting 101 — Making Compost in Composting Bins and Compost Piles

GRASS VALLEY, CALIFORNIA By GrowOrganic Peaceful Valley   Tricia shares with you how to start your very own compost pile or compost bin. Get more info plus organic gardening supplies at Peaceful Valley, Extra composting facts in our blog posts “Composting tips — how to balance your compost bin”… and “What’s going on …Read more »

Trench Composting with Melinda Myers

MIDWESTERN GARDENING EXPERT MELINDA MYERS Convert kitchen scraps and yard waste into compost right in the garden with trench composting. For more information visit and

Composting in Place

GROWVEG IN THE U.K. We all know that composting is essential in the garden, but compost piles can soon overflow at this time of year when you’re cutting back perennials and pulling up spent vegetables. If you’re wondering what to do with all that extra organic matter, it’s worth considering in-situ composting. In-situ composting, or …Read more »

How to Pick the Right Fertilizer

AUSTIN, TX For KLRU’s Central Texas Gardener, how to pick the right fertilizer by Jeff Ferris from The Natural Gardener. (Debunking the marketing myth that every plant needs its own fertilizer product.)

Vermicomposting that’s Almost as Easy as Taking out the Trash

CHICAGO, IL From Patrick Dolan at One Yard Revolution. My approach to vermicomposting is almost as easy as taking out the trash. 0:34 Is it really necessary to keep worm bins? 1:05 Five reasons I continue to keep worm bins 2:25 My approach to Vermicomposting 3:47 How I harvest Vermicompost One Yard Revolution is all …Read more »

Soil and the Subarctic Gardener

WHITEHORSE, YUKON TERRITORY, CANADA The Curious Gardener (Arlin McFarlane) visits Heidi Marion to learn about sub-arctic soil and how to prep for winter.

Backyard Composting with Joe Lamp’l

From PBS’s Growing a Greener World TV, with host Joe Lamp’l.