Bulbs planted outdoors (tulips, daffodils, etc) or forced indoors (amaryllis, paperwhites).

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How to Plant Spring-Flowering Bulbs

From GARDENISTA Gardenista’s own Michelle Statalla’s beautiful fall bulb DIY is a wonderful way to surprise yourself in the spring. This easy tutorial will leave you totally inspired to create a remarkable bouquet of daffodils, white tulips and Siberian squill in your own backyard. For more tips on caring for your garden, visit us at http://www.gardenista.com

Layered Bulb Pot for Longer Lasting Blooms

From GARDEN ANSWER in OREGON What I used in the large pot: 10- ‘Negrita’ Tulips 12- Tete a Tete Daffodils 12- Dutch Iris 5- 4″ Violas 2- 4″ Dusty Miller (Would have used three if I had another one! 🙂 Red Twig Dogwood Branches What I used in the smaller pot: 10-‘Flaming Flag’ Tulips 10- ‘Tete a …Read more »

How to Grow Daffodils

NEW HAVEN, CT From Eric Larson, director of Yale’s Marsh Botanical Garden, for Garden Clips Daffodils seem to be synonymous with ‘spring,’ providing color and movement in the spring breeze, and in some cases wonderful fragrance. Neither a late snowfall nor a light frost deter them, nor do deer, rabbit, squirrel or groundhog relish the …Read more »

How to Naturalize with Daffodils

NEWTOWN, CT Landscape Designer John W. Holden shows you how to naturalize Daffodils when planting. John has a U. CONN degree in Ornamental Horticulture and over 25 years of experience in the field of landscape design and landscaping. The three tips John uses are: 1) Plant in staggered rows. 2) Plant less bulbs as you …Read more »

Spring Planting: How to Plant a Bulb

BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS MAGAZINE Bulbs are the best way to get color from spring plants. Plant these bulbs in the fall for great blooms in the spring — tulip, allium, hyacinth, crocus, daffodil, and grape hyacinth. At its most basic, planting a bulb consists of digging a hole, placing the bulb in the hole …Read more »

Plant Bulbs in your Lawn

BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS MAGAZINE Want a colorful lawn landscape that comes back year after year? Try planting naturalizing bulbs in your lawn rather than in flower beds. Watch as BHG shows you how to plant bulbs in your lawn. Crocus is the best of bulbs to plant — it usually blooms before lawns need …Read more »

Intro to Spring-Blooming Bulbs

U. NEBRASKA LINCOLN UNL Extension Landscape Horticulture Specialist Kim Todd shows 5 beautiful selections for bulbs. Visit UNL’s Backyard Farmer website and Youtube Channel for more info.

Fall Bulb-Planting Tips

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS From the Chicago Botanic Garden. Now is the perfect time to plant spring bulbs. Benjamin Carroll, Chicago Botanic Garden Senior Horticulturist, shares tips on how to correctly plant bulbs to ensure beautiful springtime blooms.

Bluebells for Early Spring Color

U. ILLINOIS EXTENSION University of Illinois Extension Horticulturist, Greg Stack, discusses an early-blooming spring flower: bluebells (mertensia). Bluebells offer stunning blue blooms, but only last for several weeks. Learn more at the Illinois Extension website and on their extensive Youtube channel.

Care of Bulbs after Blooming

U. ILLINOIS EXTENSION To ensure good bloom on your spring bulbs year after year, it’s important to allow them to recharge their energy by removing seed heads and leaving the foliage standing for at least 6-8 weeks after flowering. Learn more at the Illinois Extension website and on their extensive Youtube channel.


MIDWEST By nationally known gardening expert, author & TV/radio host Melinda Myers. Published on Mar 28, 2016. Add color and drama to your garden beds spring through fall with alliums also known as flowering onions.  2016 has been declared Year of the Allium by the National Garden Bureau. This bold yet versatile plant can be used …Read more »