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“Growing a Greener World,” Season 7

Promotional video for the PBS show “Growing a Greener World” with Joe Lamp’l.

Blogger Les Parks: A Tidewater Gardener

HAMPTON ROADS, VA Meet Les Parks, the author of A Tidewater Gardener, a blog about gardening in Hampton Roads, VA and travels abroad. Les talks with us in his own garden in a historic neighborhood in Norfolk, and explains what attracted him to blogging. From PlantPop, a horticultural film studio that tells interesting stories about …Read more »

Bountiful Bonsai by Richard Bender

Bountiful Bonsai: Create Instant Indoor Container Gardens with Edible Fruits, Herbs and Flowers – the book trailer. by Richard W. Bender,  published by Tuttle Publishing.

Explore with Garden Design Magazine

GARDEN DESIGN MAGAZINE, Published December 14, 2016 Garden Design magazine’s editor in chief, Thad Orr, talks about what makes Garden Design magazine so special. In every issue, you’ll find in-depth stories about plants, growers, and gardens with feature stories that range from 8 to 20 pages in length. You’ll get ideas—ranging from garden-to-table recipes to …Read more »

“Get Busy Gardening” Blog

MINNESOTA From Amy Andrychowicz: “A short introduction to me, my gardens and my blog Get Busy Gardening!   Photography by Eric Kraus. “

Trailer for Charlie Nardozzi Talks

NATIONAL SPEAKER Charlie Nardozzi talks about his speaking engagements on gardening.

Why a Meadow?

From the WASHINGTON, D.C. area “Why a Meadow” is an excerpt from the video “Urban & Suburban Meadows”  by Catherine Zimmerman.

Trailer for “Edible Feast”

Trailer for “Edible Feast” We are very excited to share with you the trailer for the upcoming PBS series that we have been working on! Its a relaunch of classic PBS series, The Victory Garden, in partnership with Edible Magazines. Depending on your location, the series will either launch in late December, or in early …Read more »

Spring 2016 Books from Timber Press

PORTLAND, OR From an episode of Garden Time TV: Timber Press is a leading publisher of garden related books. We are introduced to a few of their 2016 titles for spring. Editor Tom Fischer talks about: Garden Revolution: How Our Landscapes Can Be a Source of Environmental Change The Aromatherapy Garden: Growing Fragrant Plants for Happiness …Read more »

Water-Saving Garden

The Water-Saving Garden: How to Grow a Gorgeous Garden with a Lot Less Water By Austin, Texas writer Pam Penick. Published by Penguin Random House. With climate change, water rationing, and drought on the rise, conserving water is more important than ever. The Water-Saving Garden provides gardeners and homeowners with useful techniques and full-color inspiration for …Read more »

CBS Radio: Fran Sorin loves Garden Conservancy Book

Beautiful piece by Fran Sorin on CBS Radio. She gives Outstanding American Gardens five stars and says it is a must-have book.

Southern Gardening on Social Media

MISSISSIPPI STATE EXTENSION SOUTHERN GARDENING Published August 20, 2017 Did you know that now you can have Southern Gardening with you everywhere you go? We’ve taken the plunge into Social Media and share gardening information on some of the most popular apps and websites. Last year we introduced our Southern Gardening Facebook page. This has …Read more »