Houseplants and tender, nonhardy plants grown outdoors.

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How to Repot Indoor Plants

MINNESOTA Video by Bachman’s Floral, Home and Garden in the Minneapolis area.

Amaryllis Done Blooming? Here’s What to Do

OREGON From Laura at Garden Answer: Here’s some links to things I mentioned in the video: Gardener’s Supply Company – Berbee’s Best – Snow White Amaryllis – Black Pearl Amaryllis –

The Pansy

VIRGINIA From Lancaster Farms in Suffolk, Virginia. A celebration of Fall and Winter’s beautiful flower, the pansy. When the canopies of oaks strong And maples noble whisper along, In Pollacked piles collect dicarded Exhaling summer sun and youth unguarded. When gentle hands travail with rake Yet still the earth does not forsake Nature’s goal and …Read more »

‘Profusion’ Zinnia

MISSISSIPPI STATE With horticulturist Gary Bachman. There’s more gardening information on the Mississippi State website and Youtube Channel. GGVideos editorial note:  For pollinators, single (not double) zinnias are best.

Flowerless Color

MISSISSIPPI STATE EXTENSION, with Dr. Gary Bachman Transcript: Many people feel that the only way to get abundant color in your garden is to grow a lot of flowers. Today on Southern Gardening, we’ll look at some eye-popping color produced without a single flower. If you want BIG plants, there are several options. Banana plants …Read more »

Annual Vines

U. NEBRASKA LINCOLN UNL Extension Landscape Horticulture Specialist Kim Todd talks about the value of planting annual vines. Visit UNL’s Backyard Farmer website and Youtube Channel for more info.

Coleus that Hold Up in the Summer

LOUISIANA STATE U: With the soaring heat of summer, we look forward to the cool temperatures of fall. Well, on this edition of Get It Growing, LSU AgCenter horticulturist Dan Gill introduces you to the coleus, a plant that displays vibrant fall shades, while standing tough through the summer. For more information, visit the Louisiana …Read more »

5 Tips for Color with Annuals

EASTERN OREGON Laura at Garden Answer for Proven Winners: “Planting annual plants in the landscape can be intimidating, there are several important things to keep in mind. Here’s 5 tips for making your time and investment work well for you this summer!”

Poinsettia Care

MIDWEST Brighten the indoors and get into the holiday spirit by adding a few poinsettias to your indoor décor.  Nationally known gardening expert, author & TV/radio host Melinda Myers shows you how.

Zinnias to Support Pollinators

BELTSVILLE, MARYLAND Marcia van Horn shows and recommends these types of zinnias: State Fair California Giant Yellow Flame Profusion Lilliput Double-bloom or double-flowered zinnias should be avoided if you desire bees and butterflies.

How to Trim Petunias

EASTERN OREGON By Laura at Garden Answer for Proven Winners Supertunia® Vista Bubblegum® – Proven Winners Water Soluble Fertilizer – Hanging Basket – Follow us Here: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Email: Send Mail To – 580 S Oregon St, Ontario, Oregon 97914

How to Pinch and Trim Coleus

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS From Shawna Coronado, learn how to pinch or trim leggy coleus plants in your garden. These super-easy tips will help you grow a thicker, bushier plant with healthy and showy leaves for either your container gardens or your garden beds. This video about healthy gardening is sponsored by Jung Seed.