Welcome to Hope’s Fun Garden!



Hope’s delightful garden is in East Greenbelt, Maryland. She writes:

Most of the blooms from my front garden are already gone, so I have added a garden bike with mums, and pots with zinnia and marigold. On my steps are pots of mandevilla (a favorite of mine), coleus and perslane. The perslanes are trailing plants that will bloom way into the fall.

In my back yard are hardy hibiscus, which bloom have beautiful dinner plate petals. They bloomed first in early summer and are now reblooming. They’re hardy, so they will die back in the winter and grow again in the spring.

There is also a garden bike along my back fence. We call that space the red wall.

The deck is where my husband and I spend many long evenings together. There are hanging plants, such as petunia, spider plants, sedums, large pots of petunias, and a beautiful red and white mandevilla. Many wind chimes there grace us with beautiful music.

This year I transferred many of my vegetables – tomato, pepper, lettuce, thyme and parsley – to my deck.

Music for the video is by the Fabulous Hubcaps – whose drummer is Hope’s next-door neighbor Barry Holober!

Video by Susan Harris for GreenbeltOnline.org.

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