The #1 Vermicomposting Mistake You’re Making!


SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, by Kevin Espiritu of Epic Gardening
Premiered Mar 18, 2019

Does your worm bin stink? Is your worm bin too wet? Are there a ton of other bugs in your bin? You’ll be surprised to know that almost all of these problems have the same root cause…over feeding. It’s a common myth that worms can eat 100% of their own body weight in scraps per day. This is almost never true!

A more accurate number is around 25-50% by weight. So for a pound of worms, a quarter pound of a mixture of bedding and food per day is adequate.

Today I had my friend Steve Churchill, owner of the Urban Worm Company, over to chat about this problem. He’s much more savvy about the finer details of worm composting than I am, so I figured I’d let him drop some vermicomposting knowledge and showcase his flow through worm bin, also known as a CFT worm bin.


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