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Published August 20, 2017

Did you know that now you can have Southern Gardening with you everywhere you go? We’ve taken the plunge into Social Media and share gardening information on some of the most popular apps and websites.

Last year we introduced our Southern Gardening Facebook page. This has been a popular way to share our latest articles and answers questions directly from you. But following our other Social Media apps gives you more information on a DAILY basis from me! You have access to behind the scenes pictures and videos. Even a few selected bloopers, that don’t make it into one of the TV segments.

Social Media allows us to have TWO WAY communication. The gardening community has never had access like this before. Imagine, all this for free from a trusted landscape and garden source. Why google when you have me?

Our newest social media venture is the Facebook Live event, Fridays with Southern Gardening. Every Friday at 10am I answer questions sent in and share my thoughts on making your garden and landscape more enjoyable. On Twitter contact me at @SoGardening, on Instagram follow us at southerngardening, or just plain old email at

You can always access many of the TV, radio and newspaper columns at the MSU Extension web site. Here you can view the archives and enjoy almost everything Southern Gardening going back to the very beginning in 1996.

I’m horticulturist Gary Bachman and now through social media, you can see me everywhere on Southern Gardening.

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