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Cram More Into Your City Vegetable Garden!

U.K., by GrowVeg Published on Mar 22, 2019 Compact gardens present a real challenge to ambitious gardeners. There’s just never enough room to grow everything you’d like. Or is there? Get set to create a garden haven that’s both beautiful and productive! In this short video we’ll share our top tips to help you cram …Read more »

Easiest Way to Grow Lots of Sweet Potato Slips

CALIFORNIA, by Daisy Creek Farms with Jag Singh Published on Apr 8, 2019 The easiest way to grow lots of sweet potato slips is by submerging the sweet potato in a cup full of water. The slips will grow fast and develop roots. You must place the pointy side of the sweet potato up and the …Read more »

DIY Water Bottle Hydroponic System for Propagating and Herbs

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, by Kevin Espiritu of Epic Gardening Published on Apr 8, 2019 Learning how to make a hydroponic system doesn’t have to be hard – in fact, this is barely a tutorial at all! I used heavy duty 1″ net pots from my friend CZ Garden, who sponsored this video, to make the simplest …Read more »

DIY Concrete Bench Planter for Your Garden

Oklahoma, by Oklahoma Gardening Published on Apr 19, 2019 In this segment of Oklahoma Gardening, Host Casey Hentges builds a simple do-it-yourself garden bench out of concrete blocks that doubles as a decorative planter with multiple planting spots. Questions? To find out more information about show topics as well as recipes, articles, videos, fact sheets …Read more »

How to Protect Your Vegetable Garden from Rabbits & Deer: Build a Chicken Wire Horizontal Fence!

MARYLAND by Gary Pilarchik of The Rusted Garden Published on Mar 19, 2019 You can quickly, easily and cheaply build a chicken wire horizontal fence/barrier to protect your vegetable and flower gardens from rabbits and deer. The level of protection varies based on the size of plants. This is most effective against rabbits. This video …Read more »

The #1 Vermicomposting Mistake You’re Making!

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, by Kevin Espiritu of Epic Gardening Premiered Mar 18, 2019 Does your worm bin stink? Is your worm bin too wet? Are there a ton of other bugs in your bin? You’ll be surprised to know that almost all of these problems have the same root cause…over feeding. It’s a common myth that …Read more »

How to Grow Lots of Turnips from Seed to Harvest

California, by Daisy Creek Farms with Jag Singh Published on Mar 21, 2019 Turnips are a cool weather crop and can be grown in fall (autumn) or in spring 2 weeks before the last frost. Plant turnips 1/2 in deep and 4 in apart. Row spacing should be 12 inches apart. Turnips take 2 weeks …Read more »

How To Direct Sow Peas

By Burpee Gardens for a National Audience Published on Mar 12, 2019 Peas are an excellent vegetable to direct sow in Early Spring.

Straw Bale Gardening: Preparing the Bales

OKLAHOMA, by Oklahoma Gardening at OK State Published on Mar 22, 2019 Host Casey Hentges shows us how to set up straw bales for future gardening. To check out tips and tricks on straw bale gardening, check out this fact sheet!… Questions? To find out more information about show topics as well as recipes, …Read more »

DIY Soil Test In a Jar Garden Tip

WASHINGTON STATE (Zone 8b), by Misilla at Learn to Grow, Published on Mar 20, 2019 #gardentips #soil #gardening #pnw #soiltest Check out the links below for products we use and love! Thank you for joining me today! I hope that you enjoyed the video and find it helpful, if so please share it with your family and friends. Thank you! …Read more »

Never Waste Your Garlic Tops Again! Green Garlic Powder Recipe

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, by Kevin Espiritu of Epic Gardening Premiered Mar 15, 2019 In preparation for my Apocalypse Grow survival challenge, I HAVE to have some spices and flavorings…but only if I grow them myself. I had to clear a bed out, so I harvested some garlic early and turned it into a green garlic powder. …Read more »

Pruning Pepper Seedlings for Maximum Production

COASTAL TEXAS, by Black Gumbo Southern Gardening Published on Mar 19, 2018 In this video, Samuel and I demonstrate how to prune your pepper plants so that they will fill out, become more robust, and become more productive. Visit us on Facebook: And our original home on the web, our blog: