My Townhouse Garden, Spring 2021


Quick video tour and highlights of GGVideos Editor Susan Harris’s garden in Historic Greenbelt, Md., with “A Love that Will Last” from Adobe Music. Walk-on by Handsome Harry.

To see the front yard in late summer, watch this video about its transformation last year.



– Crossvine (Bignonia capreolata) ‘Tangerine Beauty’ is fast-growing, evergreen and native to this region. I planted these last summer.
– Native honeysuckle (Lornicera sempervirens) ‘Major Wheeler’ – just planted.
– Morning Glory, annual, grown from seed.

Shrubs: Several ‘Ogon’ Spirea, the native Ninebark ‘Summer Wine,’ and Nandina domestica ‘Burgundy Wine.’ Unlike the common Nandina, this variety stays short and bushy, and has no berries that could make it spread or harm birds.

– A 9-year-old Crossvine and several newer ones. – Groundcover Golden Groundsel (Packera aurea) is a native woodland plant that spreads easily and is mostly evergreen.
– More groundcovers: Sedum takesimense, Mondo Grass, and Comfrey (Symphytum grandiflorum).
– Ninebark is a native shrub with red leaves, so the mix of colors on this ‘Amber Jubiliee,’ variety are unusual.
– Amsonia hubrichtii is regionally native, blooms blue in spring, and has brilliant orange fall color.
– Lungwort (Pulmonaria hybrids) looks pretty most of the year and these have lasted at least 25 years for me, first in Takoma Park and now here.
– Koreanspice Viburnum (V. carlesii) has extremely fragrant blooms in spring. Otherwise it’s boring but provides screening where it’s needed.
– Purple Smokebush (Cotinus x Grace) has glorious purple leaves, blooms in the form of long pink plumes, and oddly shaped limbs. A stand-out!

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