Making Natural Willow Christmas Wreaths


U.K.  by Tanya of Lovely Greens Organic Gardening and DIY

Christmas wreaths created from natural materials like willow, holly, evergreens, and ivy are both inexpensive and fun to make! You can forage for what you can in your own garden or sustainably gather from the wild.

This year I’ve partnered with my friend John “Dog” Callister to host a Natural Willow Christmas Wreath workshop. Part of this video shows the event and the ending is how I decorate my own wreath with greenery from the garden, orange slices I’ve dried, and a little willow star that John Dog made.

The willow rings made in the workshop will last for years. They can be redecorated with greenery each year. It’s a creative and eco-friendly way to celebrate the holidays.

➤ Video highlights include ✽ How a weave a willow ring ✽ Weaving a willow star ✽ Decorating the ring with fresh greenery and dried fruit to create a Christmas wreath ✽ Natural Willow Christmas Wreath workshop on the Isle of Man

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