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Sweet potatoes need to be harvested before or immediately after the first light frost. But that doesn’t mean they need to be eaten right away. Here’s how to store sweet potatoes to enjoy them in the months to come. To find all the best brands for your home, shop at

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Here are 5 easy steps on freezing sweet potatoes. Let’s learn how to store sweet potatoes at home.

Sweet potatoes need to be harvested either before or immediately after the first light frost. Unlike regular potatoes, frost will damage the sweet potatoes’ tubers as well as their leaves.

Handle recently harvested sweet potatoes delicately as their skin is still very thin. Curing the sweet potatoes will toughen up the skin and will allow you to store them for up to eight months.

To cure, put the recently harvested and unwashed sweet potato tubers in a dry, 85-90 degree location for six days. One option shown here is to put them in the oven with a light bulb for heat. Use a portable thermometer to regulate the temperature and to determine what wattage lightbulb to use.

Prop your oven door open for ventilation. Tape over the controls to prevent accidental use of the oven while the sweet potatoes are curing.

Once the sweet potatoes have cured for six days, you can store them just you would winter squash — in a dry, 60-degree location. Your cured sweet potatoes should store for around 8 months.

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