How to Revive a Brown Lawn


From This Old House for a national audience.

BY landscape contractor Roger Cook, who demonstrates breathing new life into a dead lawn.

Shopping List for Reviving a Brown Lawn:
– type 12-24-11 starter fertilizer, used to promote root growth
– grass seed, used to create new lawn
– compost, for enriching the grass seed

Tools for Reviving a Brown Lawn:
– garden rake
– walk-behind broadcast spreader
– leaf rake
– square-blade shovel
– wheelbarrow

GGVideos Editor Note: This video is great in showing step by step how to repair/reseed dead patches of any size without renting big equipment step. The topic is reviving the lawn in the spring, the same process applies to doing it in the fall.  One concern we’re looking into: recommending a high-phosphate fertilizer, an d without  soil test confirming that it’s needed. And we wish there were more details given about HOW to keep seeds and seedlings watered.

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