How to Prune Hardy Kiwi


NEW PALTZ, NY by Lee Reich

Kiwifruits need lots of pruning — the right cuts, of course — for best bearing and best flavor. Here we go with where and what to prune. One year later, I harvested lots of great-tasting fruits. (Cat was there, but not a lot of help.)

GGVideos editor Charlie Nardozzi says: Basics on pruning established hardy kiwi vines.

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  1. <path_to_url> Carol Green

    Thank you for these informative and direct instructions. I have a hardy vine that I planted beside my house some years ago, and although I’ve had good harvests for the past few years, I had no idea how to tame it, and last year I could barely see out of my upstairs windows and it was coming in through the bedroom window at an alarming rate! Now I know what I’m doing, I can direct its growth, and also make harvesting the fruit a simpler proposition. PS I’m in East Anglia in the UK and it seems to love the climate here.

  2. <path_to_url> Linda Hynd

    Hi Lee,
    We just bought a farm with probably a 40 foot long kiwiberry vine and are attempting to figure it out (I think it is a hardy and it is in the state of washington). I still haven’t identified its variety. Ours is loaded with old wood underneath the main trunks, and loaded with previous growth above that expands out quite a ways. You can’t even see where the main branches and trunks are looking through it. We just picked all the kiwi for this year and I froze a bunch of berries. From your video, it looks like I need to clear out all the dead wood underneath and thin out my top. It was helpful to see you doing it and how to pick the branches out. I had no idea it needed to be so thinned so much. I was afraid of cutting it. We also have a regular kiwi vine that is in the same condition. I see I have my work cut out for me. Thanks for the info!


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