How to Prune a Plum Tree


AUSTRALIA, by the Deep Living Project

Justin Calverley from Sensory Gardens shows his technique for winter pruning of plum trees. This technique keeps the trees at a manageable height, opens up the fruit tree for maximum sun exposure and good air flow to reduce diseases and lots and lots of fruit for the coming summer harvest!
This technique can be applied to all spur bearing fruit trees (fruit trees that produce fruit over many years on small little shoots off of two year old and older wood)
Things to look out for in this video are setting up the framework of your fruit trees, pruning back lateral branches that could produce fruit to avoid overbearing trees that could cause damage and the Three D’s of winter pruning.


GGVideos editor’s note: Even though it’s made in Australia, the information is sound and applicable to U.S. gardeners for pruning an established plum tree.

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