How To Protect Strawberries From Insects (Stake Them To Keep Them Off The Ground!)


WASHINGTON STATE, from Country Living Experience

When you have a strawberry patch, there are many creatures that want to eat those ripe berries. Birds, insects, and small furry creatures. In this video we discuss how to keep certain insect pests away from your strawberry patch.

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To help defend against slugs, snails, and ants, we use a two tier system. First we put down a wide path of diatomaceous earth that slugs and snails will not walk across. Although the DE will not harm the slugs and snails they do not like it and will rarely cross its path. Fortunately, the DE will take out the ants eventually by cutting their exoskeleton. Secondly, we show you how to stake your strawberries. This keeps those berries up off the ground where roaming slugs cannot get to them. Our stakes are made of a small piece of bamboo and some 10 gauge wire.

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